Corporate Social Responsibility

The T&VS, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program is rooted with our core values of providing reliable, safe and secure solutions and we are committed towards helping improve the quality of the lives of people in the communities in which we operate.

T&VS works together with a number of key community based partners that have the best insights into the needs of local populations to invest in programs that stand the greatest chances of success and having a positive impact on peoples lives.

T&VS expects no favorable treatment as a result of the social investment we make and our motivation is to help where we can and be an outstanding corporate citizen.

Current Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

TamilNadu Flood Relief 2015:

csr-2At the end of 2015 the TamilNadu region of India was heavily affected by flooding especially Chennai and Cuddalore where many people lost their livelihood, families and homes. This disaster led many companies, NGO’s and volunteers to offer aid.  csr-2T&VS joined them by contributing 10,000 rupees for 10 families in the Chennai region. Our employees joined hands with this initiative and also helped the people effected.

Charity Donations in the UK

5thyear Anniversary Celebration

T&VS celebrated its 5th year anniversary by organizing a company outing on 25th June 2016 at Club Cabbana Resort, Bangalore. We had a small presentation about T&VS success story. T&VS have achieved this success because of the hard working employees. In this special occasion, we haven’t forgotten to honor our valuable employees by recognizing them for their sincerity, hard work, loyal and long rendering service with T&VS, awarded them by sharing Momentos. Later, we had fun with water games, indoor and outdoor games.