Thought Leadership

T&VS, specifically it’s Leadership Team, are constantly looking at relevant industry challenges and any role we might have in addressing them.

DVClub and Verification Futures

T&VS founder and CEO Dr Mike Bartley is widely regarded as a leading figure in the hardware verification sector.  His commitment to helping improve capability in this area is demonstrated through the organisation of the DVClub and the Verification Futures conferences.  Leading industry figures from around the world support these initiatives and presented their companies views on the direction of hardware verification.

Nearly 300 people from over 100 organisations across 21 countries attend and make contributions to moving thinking forward in this complex and challenging area.  T&VS will continue to provide thought leadership and co-ordinated activity in the area of hardware verification.


Multicore presents an opportunity to many segments of the electronics industry, with increased processing power, reduced battery consumption and improved performance being important factors driving industry take up. There are however huge concerns regarding the reliability of systems running on multicore and how to test multicore systems.  T&VS has organised the “Multicore Challenge”, with events held in Bristol since 2010. The event is supported by leading figures from the semiconductor and vendor community.  These events address key aspects of multicore.  In consultation with industry T&VS is furthering discussions and providing pro-active leadership on how to test multicore systems.

Mike has had numerous articles on embedded software testing published with leading publications such as EETimes and Testing Experience. Mike also serves on the committee for the BCS Specialist Group in Software Testing and is also Chair of the Bristol Branch of the British Computer Society.