Why Choose T&VS

Customers choose T&VS because of a demonstrated ability to exhibit thought leadership in the verification space. T&VS has a proven track record of delivering to clients for complex verification programs, active industry engagement through conferences and seminars and providing industry-leading verification training programs.

Well-defined Processes

T&VS brings improvements to customer verification through a thorough verification process built on experience from the past 25 years. Customers have the flexibility to use the T&VS verification flow (which has been successfully proven at multiple customer locations) or to ask T&VS to follow their own process.

Domain Expertise

Focus in a niche area of expertise gives customers the confidence to outsource the complete verification activity to T&VS. A successful track record of delivering end-to-end verification programs for ASIC/SoC/FPGA has made T&VS a preferred verification partner.

Quick Ramp-up

Customers have benefited from T&VS’ ability to quickly ramp up to meet resource requirements, for example

  • ST – 10 resources within three weeks
  • Infineon – 7 resources in three weeks
  • NXP – 10 resources within a month
  • LGE – 5 resources within three weeks


Customer confidence in T&VS’ ability to build and retain stable, high performing verification teams has led to T&VS high client retention rates.

  • Infineon – 5 years
  • Nvidia – 4 years
  • NXP – 2 years

Verification IP

T&VS provides custom-made VIP’s in native System Verilog/UVM or e/eRM with the ability to interface with customer models in a very flexible manner. Benefits to customer are:

  • Access to proven VIP
  • Open source allows easier debug
  • Flexible licensing model provides clients with a very good cost advantage

Tool Support

Customers can reduce their verification turnaround times by leveraging T&VS’ in-house tools which are specifically developed to address verification pain points.

  • asureSign – Verification signoff and management tool
  • Run Manager – Test case management and report generation
  • Register Modelling – Managing register specification information across various design phases (IP, Sub-system, SoC and Post-Silicon)

Proven Track Record

Customers choose to work with T&VS because of a successful track record of verification execution at semiconductor majors such as Infineon, NXP, STMicro, Ericsson, Nvidia etc.  Read our Customer Case Studies and Customer Quotes.


Customer training requirements in any verification area can be addressed via customized training programs provided through Doulos, T&VS’ exclusive training partner in India. T&VS’ customers have benefited from these programs which are conducted by highly experienced SV/UVM and SystemC TLM experts from Europe.

Flexible Engagement Models

Customers have the flexibility to choose from a variety of engagement models

  • Fixed price vs. T&M
  • Resource augmentation vs. managed services
  • Onsite or offshore vs. blended models