Minimizing Chip Aging Effects

When chips are designed, one of the factors which should be considered very important is aging factors. Due to aging, it can cause problems to the operation of the device and result in product failure. Additional analysis and prevention methods are required for safety critical applications.This article from Semiengineering discusses about the aging factors within [...]

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Test Automation Strategy For Agile Projects

Automated Testing is one of the main activities involved in any agile development methodology. When continuous deployment applied, test automation becomes ever more important due to the quick feedback response that it provides to the development team about the health of the application. To get quick results, automation tests should be conducted continuously and in [...]

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The Importance of Device Security in IoT Ecosystems

The deployment of internet of things (IoT) in various sectors have helped to bring positive changes in people’s lives. The most benefited sectors by IoT are industry, healthcare, retail and government. The expansion of usage of IoT devices within not only the consumer, but also the commercial management space, is now becoming beyond belief. For devices [...]

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Eight IoT Barriers for Connected Medical Devices and How to Overcome Them

Internet of Things (IoT)is helping the healthcare industry to improve its medical services for the patients and enable healthcare workers to complete tasks in a timely manner. Application of IoT in healthcare has helped to advance their technologies and services but there are many obstacles which stands in the way to success. This article discusses [...]

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Exploratory Testing and Its Cruciality in Agile Development

Exploratory testing means the mechanism of test planning, analyzing, designing and test execution which is done instantly and together. It ensures that every system and application work effortlessly for the users.Exploratory testing is highly beneficial in various cases except for those cases where test cases to be run cannot be determined in advance. This testing [...]

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Build In Functional Safety Early

Today making cars safer is the application of Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). ADAS is a collection of developments that better inform the driver of the environment in and around the car. This technology is mainly used to improve the functional safety of automobiles as per ISO 26262 standards. ADAS introduces a web of different [...]

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3 Ways IoT is Revolutionizing the Automotive Industry

Internet of things (IoT) has affected the growth of automotive industry in the last decade. The application of IoT in vehicles helps to improve the quality of automotive services. The automotive industry is certainly aligning with the technological advancements, promising safety, convenience, and customization to enhance people’s lives. The automotive industry is getting reshaped using IoT [...]

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11 Myths About the RISC-V ISA

Today there are many companies exploring free, open-source hardware and software as an alternative to closed, costly instruction set architectures. RISC-V is a free, open, and extensible ISA that is redefining the flexibility, scalability, extensibility, and modularity of chip designs. Despite its extensive capabilities and growing number of real-world applications, there are many misunderstandings about RISC-V which [...]

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What is Interoperability Testing in Software Testing?

Interoperability testing in the software industry refers to the testing of the software component ability to interact, exchange data, interoperate and use data information to and from between software components or systems. This type of testing is mainly conducted to make sure whether all the components are working without any flaw or difficulties as per expectations. [...]

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Auto companies are using cognitive IoT technologies to make cars safer

Automobile companies have been working towards developing self-driving cars, which rely heavily on cognitive IoT for safety. Without any doubt, the biggest concern for all companies and governments has been car crashes. However, with the latest IoT technologies are helping big companies make safer cars. With the help of IoT, automobile industry is able to [...]

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