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How To Build An Automotive Chip

The introduction of advanced electronics into automotive design is causing massive disruption in a supply chain.The rapid push toward autonomous driving has changed everything. This article outlines how to build an automotive chip by introducing advanced electronics into automotive design. Read More Learn more about how T&VS Automotive Verification and Test solutions help to address the challenges [...]

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Automated or Manual Testing: Keeping the Balance Right!

Automation testing has the benefits of increasing efficiency, getting faster regressions, and thus contributing to timely project deliveries. But manual testing is also required in many cases. In fact, the biggest drawback of manual testing is its biggest advantage that it requires human intervention. This article outlines how automation testing is better than manual testing. [...]

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Why Is Penetration Testing Critical to the Security of the Organization?

Organizations can’t go wrong with implementing a regular penetration testing program. After completing a penetration test, an organization can expect to receive a detailed report that outlines areas of entry and weakness within the organization. This article outlines how penetration testing helps to improve the security of organization. Read More Understand how T&VS Penetration Testingservices help [...]

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Accelerating SOC Development for Automobile Applications

No area of electronics is moving faster than automotive semiconductors. With ADAS and autonomous driving becoming a reality, the pace has picked up even more. These new designs combine just about every single advanced subsystem used in SoC designs. This article shows how to accelerate SoC development for automobile applications. Read More Learn more about [...]

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How to Avoid 3 Pitfalls of IoT Testing

By fuelling the growth of IoT, IoT products not only offer benefits to consumers but also to businesses across a number of industries like healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and transportation. This article shows how to overcome and meet challenges in IoT testing. Read More Find out how T&VS Software Testing services help you to establish a cost-effective software [...]

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Automotive vs Industrial Functional Safety

Automotive vs Industrial Functional Safety A key concept in IEC 61508 is that of a safety function. A safety function in industrial consists typically of a sensor, logic and actuator designed to achieve or maintain a safe state. Its closest equivalent in ISO 26262 is the safety mechanism. This article shows how different is automotive [...]

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IoT In Action: Reality, Promises, And Challenges In Healthcare

In spite of all the promises and opportunities, the healthcare IoT is not devoid of some massive challenges. From data security to the integration of devices and maintaining protocols, there are numerous challenges that equally deserve attention. This article shows how IoT technology helps to meet the reality, promises and challenges in healthcare industry. Read [...]

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Future of Testing – How to fail and learn from it

Earlier testing practices were predominantly manual testing which could be error-prone due to human error. But now there are many automation testing tools available in the market which could not only speed up testing phase but also they help us in gathering the accurate test results. This article explains how to fail in software testing and learn [...]

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