Key network strategies for the connected enterprise: DDoS protection, IoT, and more

Today, more and more industries are reaping the benefits of IoT where new IoT-enabled devices deliver productivity improvements, reduced costs on energy, and expanded visibility. However, the benefits of these new connected devices also come with a new set of issues and offer a backdoor into the corporate network for attackers. This article outlines how to effectively secure and manage IoT networks that helps to defend your network against DDoS attacks.

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Testing for Security

Security testing has become a critical part of an organization’s development strategy. This is due to the increase in the number of privacy breaches that organizations are facing today.The number and type of attack vectors are increasing as more of the world becomes connected and vulnerable to hackers.

This article explores why organizations need to integrate security testing to their application development lifecycle which ensures that your applications are properly tested for security vulnerabilities.

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Leveraging UVM based UFS Test Suite approach for Accelerated Functional Verification

With the rapid development of modern mobile systems there is a great increase in the complexity involved in the IP and SoC designs and correspondingly the functional verification also becomes a challenge. To reduce time to market, IPs needed for the SoC must be developed and verified in parallel to the top-level design.

This requires strong methodology and infrastructure support which allows the SoC design team to be aligned on the requirements with IP teams. This article highlights the methodology that ensures that SoC design team gets the required data for the IP to proceed with the complexity of SoC design.

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5 Ways Internet of Things Transforms Your Home

IoT technology enables users to secure their house with a touch-free dead bolt and manage all devices from one centralized location to make our lives easier, more convenient, and comfortable. This article summarizes on how to provide the smart home solution using Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

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IoT Security for Connected healthcare

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to transform the healthcare sector. From pacemakers to blood pressure cuffs, connected devices can help doctors better manage diseases, monitor patients, and improve treatment outcomes but they also come with substantial security risks that must be addressed. This article highlights how the healthcare sector can reap the benefits of the IoT while ensuring patient safety.

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Software Driven Test of FPGA Prototype

The design landscape is changing rapidly through the ever-increasing amount of embedded software that is crucial to the operation of heterogeneous multi-processor designs. In parallel, the design verification methodologies are more and more dependent on software.

It is wise to reuse as much of software developers work as possible to verify the hardware. This article describes how Aldec addresses the needs of many designers and verification engineers who demanded a compact and self-contained FPGA platform to implement software driven embedded testbenches.

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The Medical Internet of Things: How healthcare organizations should get ahead?

The Internet of Things (IoT) introduces huge opportunities for businesses and consumers, especially in the areas of healthcare. Proactive measures can and must be taken to protect patients’ lives and ensure that IoT technology continues to innovate and develop. This article describes the five recommendations for healthcare organizations to ensure they fully embrace the power of the IoT.

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Building for the Internet of Things Is Great-Just Keep Security in Mind

The rapidly expanding Internet of Things (IoT) has ushered in some major cybersecurity challenges over the past few years. Along with this widespread adoption, testers are facing new challenges to make sure that IoT applications are sufficiently secure because these applications handle a lot of sensitive data.

This article from Techwell describes why developers must focus on building security into their IoT applications when they design and implement IoT solutions and explores the testing techniques for securing IoT applications.

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Making Cars Smarter and Safer

Today, drivers are increasingly distracted on the road where everyone wanted to create a hands-free communication kit that allows them to stay connected in a safe and convenient way. This article from SemiWiki describes how to make your car smarter, safer and always connected.

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