Build and Tools Engineer – JobCode: SWTUK130218_11

Due to continued growth and the success of our products we require a Build and Tool Chain Engineer to own and improve our build systems.  This role will be responsible for defining and coordinating a backlog of work to improve our tool chain with the net effect of making the department more effective.  In addition, the position will include the daily maintenance and triaging of issues, fixing and fielding to other teams where appropriate.

The successful candidate will have first-hand experience of a variety of build systems and should expect exposure to many operating systems.  Continuous integration is paramount to our development strategy and having the ability to communicate the architectural changes required to all stakeholders is essential. The role will sit within the automation team to facilitate joined up delivery and best practice.

Essential requirements:

  • Experience with continuous build processes such as Jenkins and CruiseControl
  • Familiarity with a range of development environments and tool chains such as Visual Studio, XCode, Android Studio, GNU
  • Experience of build automation tools such as SCons and make-based tools
  • Systems thinking: Able to analyse and advise on system wide improvements rather than local optimisations
  • Experience in developing and debugging automated hardware test systems
  • Use of source control such as Git and Subversion
  • Demonstrable experience of Continuous Delivery
  • Experience of analysing, solving and optimising tool chains
  • Excellent communication skills to aid collaboration with stakeholders and service departments such as: IT, Development Teams, Customer Support

Desirable Attributes:

  • Experience of full end to end tool chain: code -> builds -> automated tests
  • Use of virtualised environments
  • Familiarity of data replication techniques between geographically isolated sites
  • Experience working in an Agile environment, along with a Systems Development Life Cycle to deliver changes that affect the efficiency of multiple users
  • Use of static and dynamic analysis tools such as Valgrind, CppCheck, Pylint
  • Experience using Python in a toolchain environment
  • Some knowledge about code architecture and an ability to express it
  • Some knowledge of C++ (including C++ 11)
  • Some knowledge of Java build automation systems such as Gradle or Maven
  • Some knowledge of cloud-based build services

Location :  UK


  • Highly competitive to match experience and capability

How To Apply Send your CV to [email protected]