Privacy Technologist – JobCode: SECTEU120218_03

Job Description:

  • Identify state-of-the-art solutions for Privacy and Data Protection, including Privacy Enhancing Technologies, Privacy Engineering, Privacy Impact Assessment, and further approaches to enhance the transparency and control of users over their personal data.
  • Design, develop, (empirically) evaluate, and optimize proofs of concepts and software prototypes of related technologies for Huawei products
  • Improve state-of-the-art solutions and participate in the transfer of theoretic research concepts into cutting edge technologies for future Huawei products.
  • Evaluate the practicability of Privacy Enhancing Technologies for different scenarios in terms of functionality, utility, overhead, Security, Privacy, and risk. Promote and motivate the most suiting technologies
  • Study Privacy Engineering and Privacy-by-Design methodologies to improve the Huawei product development process
  • Work together with other research teams and communicate results in high-level conferences, workshops, and journals


  • Master’s in computer science, Information Security, or other domain-related disciplines with above average grades, preferably with a doctor’s degree
  • 2+ years of experience in Privacy Enhancing Technologies research and development.
  • High interest and solid skills in algorithm development, optimization, and empirical performance assessment
  • Demonstrated skills of programming in Java (preferably also in C/C++/C# or Python).
  • High interest in bridging theory and practice in Privacy
  • Knowledge of Privacy protection techniques
  • Knowledge of relevant Data Protection regulations
  • Experience with Privacy in Big Data and mobile devices (e.g., smartphones and wearables) is a plus
  • Experience with Statistics and Data Mining is a plus
  • A strong publication record is a plus
  • Excellent communication skills, can-do-attitude, team-work-spirit, and independent working capabilities are required
  • Must be eligible to work in the European Union to be considered for this position

Location :  Europe

Package:  Highly competitive to match experience and capability

How To Apply: Send your CV to [email protected]