Customer Case Studies

Customers choose T&VS because of our demonstrated ability to exhibit thought leadership in the test and verification space. T&VS has a proven track record of delivering a wide range of test and verification programs to our customers and we are actively engage in industry conferences and seminars and provide industry-leading verification training programs.

Customer confidence in T&VS’ ability to build and retain stable, high performing verification teams has led to high client retention rates.

Customers have the flexibility to choose from a variety of engagement models – Fixed price vs. T&M, resource augmentation vs. managed services and onsite or offshore vs. blended models.

Solving Customer Problems

HealthCheck for Innovative HR Cloud-based SaaS Provider Redefine Testing Function Undisclosed
Software Testing Expertise for Innovative Cloud-based SaaS Provider Undisclosed
Crowdsourced Software Testing of Mobile SaaS HR Application Undisclosed
Automation Testing For Innovative Virtual Reality Company Undisclosed
IoT Security Testing for Manufacturer in the Oil & Gas Industry Undisclosed
Software Testing of Cyber Physical Systems InnovateUK
Constrained Random Verification of Cyber Physical Software Thales Group
Software Verification Activity based on DO-178B Standards Aerospace
Telecom Silicon Validation inc. FPGA prototyping Telco Supplier
Emulation and Validation Services for Mobile SoC Mobile SoC chipmaker
Verifying Wi-Fi Extender Features for Enterprise Networks Wireless chipmaker
Software Testing for Mainframe-to-Cloud Application Migration Intl. SW Company
Independent Testing of a GOV.UK Web-based Application UK Govt. agency
Aerospace Control System Requirements and Compliance Review Undisclosed
Security Improvements for a Complex Health Care Application
Helping Software Developer to Verify Their Medical Records Product
Automated Software Testing Improves Quality and Cuts Costs
T&VS helps Creo Medical Prepare for Medical Device Certification
T&VS Delivers OVM Verification IP
Independent Verification Fills Skills Gap for Start-up Company
ICERA Chooses T&VS to Develop Verification IP
T&VS Saved Infineon 2 months on a 12 month Schedule, and Reduced Costs by 20%
T&VS Extends its asureSIGN Compliance Management Tool for the Aerospace Industry
T&VS Report Brings Together Leaders in Design Verification
T&VS Helps Pactron Verify Complex FPGA Design
SoC Verification Through Managed Services
Successful Software Installation Testing for SOMNIUM® Technologies
Automated testing of a Location Aware Workforce Management Mobile Application  
T&VS helps leading smartphone manufacturer verify MIPI MPHY Analog IPs Undisclosed
T&VS delivers flexible, fixed-price FPGA verification services Undisclosed
T&VS Delivers Performance Improvements for a Complex Memory Subsystem Block Leading Smartphone Mfr.
T&VS developed a SystemC-based UVM strategy for Verification of BluWireless SystemC IP blocks.
DFT Solution for Network SoC Undisclosed
T&VS provides end-to-end DFT solution for Consumer SoC Undisclosed

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