Icera chooses T&VS to develop verification IP

icera-logoT&VS’s expertise in SDCard interface protocol, the open verification methodology (OVM) and verification IP development meant the company was able to deliver verification IP that its customer could own long-term and reuse for future chip designs.

When Icera, a fabless semiconductor company that develops chipsets for high-performance mobile broadband applications, bought in a digital card (SDCard) interface for its new chip, the company chose T&VS to develop independent verification IP to verify the integration of the design IP.

"Icera’s own verification staff were already fully employed on verifying the company’s new chip and Icera wanted independent verification of the SDCard interface protocol implementation on that design IP. We had several requirements," says Simon Knowles, vice-president for strategy and DXP technology at Icera.

“We use open verification methodology (OVM), so needed the verification IP to be OVM-compliant. We also wanted to own the verification IP long-term so we could reuse it for future chips and we did not want any license restrictions on how many simulations we could run in parallel. T&VS delivered all this and more.”

“T&VS had the knowledge of the protocol, OVM and verification IP development. The company also had staff that were able to go onsite to install the initial releases and support Icera initially, and then to be on hand if further support was needed. T&VS provided the OVM-compliant verification IP on schedule and to budget, and were flexible enough to incorporate some change requests without any price increase,” says Knowles.

“The verification IP enabled Icera to verify the SDCard interface and helped Icera to develop software drivers in advance of tapeout.”