Case Study

Independent verification fills skills gap for start-up company

gnodal-logoIn the semiconductor industry, keeping costs down is essential; especially for a start-up company such as Gnodal. Gnodal has developed Ethernet technology for high performance data centres and can not afford the cost impact and delay to market resulting from chip failures and bugs in the design.

“T&VS had the knowledge, skills and experience of using Specman and CMS to ramp up quickly and help perform an independent verification of the Gnodal design,” says Fred Homewood, CEO of Gnodal. “We needed to run the VIP to give us the confidence that the Ethernet was interoperable in our design prior to tape-out. T&VS completed the task in good time for our tape-out and left us with complete documentation to allow us to repeat the work should we ever need to on a future generation of our technology.”

In order to test and verify its designs and make sure it achieved working silicon first time, the company licensed the Cadence Specman Ethernet verification intellectual property (VIP) and compliant management system (CMS). However, the start-up did not have the internal skills and resources to incorporate the VIP into its testing environment, so it turned to T&VS for help.