Case Study

Successful Software Installation Testing for SOMNIUM Technologies

When SOMNIUM Technologies identified a need for additional installation testing of their new SOMNIUM® DRT product, they naturally turned to T&VS, leaders in hardware verification and software testing.

SOMNIUM DRT is a complete software development environment for embedded systems. It provides ease of use improvements and uses SOMNIUM’s patented resequencing technology to automatically optimize embedded software, resulting in smaller, faster executables. Prior to DRT’s general availability release, SOMNIUM wanted to be confident of the best out of the box experience for their customers, who use a wide variety of host platforms.

  • “Installation is the first step in the user experience, that is often under-tested in real-user scenarios. We felt it was best to bring in a level of independence and we naturally turned to T&VS because of their expertise in this area.” Dave Edwards, Founder and CEO/CTO of SOMNIUM Technologies.
  • “We already do extensive automated testing of functionality and standards compliance using several test suites. However, it is impossible to automate the experience of new users with different expectations and a variety of hardware and software configurations. The testing performed by T&VS was extremely useful and thorough. T&VS tried a number of interesting corner cases. This has led to improvements in both the installation process and the documentation.” Jamie Packer, VP of Customer Engineering at SOMNIUM Technologies.
  • “SOMNIUM Technologies were very proactive in recognising the importance of independent installation testing. Many companies overlook this and hence many new users perceive a negative experience when starting with a new tool. I am pleased to have helped SOMNIUM Technologies to improve their installation process. We look forward to working with them again in the future.” Mike Bartley, CEO of T&VS.


SOMNIUM believe software development tools must evolve to address the bottlenecks of embedded software development, to transform time to market, system efficiency and cost. The company’s SOMNIUM DRT product solves these problems, automatically generating best results, first time, every time.

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