Case Study

IoT Security Testing for Manufacturer in the Oil & Gas Industry

About Customer

A global leading manufacturer for the oil and gas industry, who until recently had utilised a single controlled private network and was now exploring the IoT to deliver an advanced capability.


T&VS was approached by the manufacturer looking for security expertise and assistance in delivering their new IoT implementation. This new solution had started to raise some concerns from key clients based on a general lack of trust in the IoT. The company needed to understand the latest international security standards and whether they were compliant or not. They also wanted the capability to demonstrate and to guide their own clients how best to implement the IoT solution.

The T&VS Technical Solution

T&VS first performed a security risk assessment to understand the requirements and define the IoT security strategy. It was then agreed with the client that a 3-step approach would be implemented:

  • The T&VS security team performed penetration testing of the key elements of the network and infrastructure against the latest international security standards. Producing a detailed security report that highlighted critical security issues and recommendations for fixing them.
  • A re-test after the issues were fixed.
  • The T&VS security team advised how to implement the security best practicesandprocesses. Providing clear guidelines on how to securely deploy the IoT enabled devices.

Client Benefits

  • The ability to show full compliance to the latest international security standards
  • Demonstrable industry leading security best practice for IoT devices
  • Measurably improved customer confidence in the security of the IoT implementation
  • Sales growth opportunity to promote their industry leading secure IoT implementation

About T&VS IoT security Services

The T&VS IoT Security services are built on our deep understanding of the latest test, verification and security methodologies combined with years of practical experience working with networking protocols, network IP and related test equipment.  The asureSECURE consultancy, coaching and testing services help you build systems that are secure through Design, Coding and Testing.

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