Case Study

Verifying Wi-Fi Extender Features for Enterprise Networks

Project Overview

The customer is a leading wireless chipmaker

Project Background

case-study-router-w350The customer selected T&VS to perform rigorous testing of their Wi-Fi extender on various platforms for both anechoic and open air environments. Different security combinations and their access restrictions would also need to be tested.

The T&VS Technical Solution

Based on a feature specification document provided by the client, T&VS prepared a detailed test plan along with a comprehensive list of test cases. T&VS developed test cases for testing WPS, WEP, dot1x, wpa2, AES, TKIP and ccmp cipher features.

For testing Wi-Fi features, we used both anechoic chambers for no interference and an open lab environment, where we mainly executed the spec conformance test cases.
In the first phase, we executed L1/L2 cases to check basic validation and then we executed a second phase for long runs. We achieved 100% functional coverage on time.

The Delivery Model

T&VS deployed engineers at client location to work closely with them. The project was executed in two phases. Deliverables were reviewed at the end of each phase.

The Results

After the first cycle of execution, T&VS was able to reduce the execution time for functional coverage by a month. By revamping the test plans with broader customer use cases coverage, T&VS provides regular detailed functional coverage reports to the client.

The Client Benefits

  • 100% functional coverage closure
  • Comprehensive sign-off procedure for all unit level test deliverables, Specifications and Documents
  • Ensuring that Client was able to meet challenging product release schedules
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