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See T&VS at Embedded World 2017

Embedded World 2017

Embedded World 2017 is the leading international fair for embedded systems and T&VS have a stand on the show floor to demonstrate our test and verification expertise with visitors and to highlight the solutions and services we can offer.

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If you are attending Embedded World don’t miss the opportunity to stop by the T&VS stand to discuss the full range of test and verification solutions on offer to companies developing advanced Embedded and IoT products, including:

Embedded World 2017 – Book a Meeting

If you would like to sit down for an informal chat to discuss your requirements please get in touch so that we can arrange a time and place to meet that is convenient with you.

Formal Fault Injection

Formal Fault Injection is a verification technique used in safety critical automotive devices as well as other high reliability applications. Safety mechanisms are one of the most critical areas of ISO-26262 compliant automotive designs and their architecture and quality is a key differentiator for various IC providers.

Mark Handover of Mentor Graphics, discussed on the impact of a fault injection safety mechanism for ISO 26262 at the DVClub Europe Conference, “Impact of Safety on Verification”,  on 29th November 2016.

The Presentation Slides and Recordings of Formal Fault Injection are available now

Formal Fault Analysis for ISO 26262 Fault Metrics on Real World Designs

Safety critical development processes, governed by standards such as ISO26262, include the use of fault correction components that protect the device against random faults that occur naturally during operation. The verification of these devices to ensure that a high proportion of these faults will be handled correctly is essential, driving a key diagnostic fault coverage metric. Formal verification has proven an important element in this analysis, used both standalone and with simulation.

Jörg Große, Product Manager for Functional Safety at OneSpin, presented why formal verification has proven a highly effective method to drive high diagnostic fault coverage metric on real world designs at the DVClub Europe Conference which took place on 29th November 2016.

Find out the Presentation Slides and Videos here

ISO 26262 – This Changes Everything

ISO 26262 is an international standard for functional safety of electrical and/or electronic systems for production of automobiles, and is the first standard of its kind which will drive significant change in both EDA and silicon suppliers.

John Brennan, Product Management Director for Cadence Design Systems, discussed  why functional safety requires a new generation of fault injection technology and why functional safety is not only important in automotive, but for consumer products where the cost of failure is too high at the DVClub Europe Conference, “Safety Driven Verification”, 29th  November 2016.

You can view the Presentation Slides and Recordings  here