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Dual Focus Will Help Adoption

One of the great things associated with the development of a standard, such as the Portable Stimulus Standard (PSS), is that it brings together various stakeholders. This article from EDA Café describes how the System Verilog and UVM users adopt the PSS DSL (Domain Specific Language).

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Conflating ISO 26262 and DO-254

Increasingly, the DO-254 industry is turning to general purpose computing platforms to implement functionality with safety of life implications. This is creating opportunities for electronics to be developed that can be used to support both avionics and automotive applications. These two domains employ somewhat similar design assurance guidelines for electronic hardware found in ISO 26262 and DO-254. Each guideline addresses safety-requirements, design activities, verification and validation, and configuration management. This article describes a difference between both ISO 26262 and DO-254 and outlines how to combine both the standards into a one standard.

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The Ethics of IoT Usage in Healthcare

The use of IoT technologies in healthcare offer a tremendous range of possibilities, but it needs to be implemented thoughtfully to ensure pitfalls are avoided. This article provides an invaluable overview of some of these pitfalls, and how they might be avoided and examines some of the ethical considerations when using IoT in the healthcare industry.

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Portable stimulus Smooths Path to SW-driven Verification, eliminates duplication

Taking a step-wise approach to verifying interactions between embedded processors and the IPs in the rest of the design saves time by finding bugs earlier in the verification process when they’re easiest to debug and correct. Portable stimulus allows high-quality tests to be generated from test intent that is described once and retargeted to multiple environments. This article outlines how a single description of test intent, for testing access to SoC registers as a part of SoC integration testing, can be easily targeted to both UVM and embedded-software environments.

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Performance Testing – Types, Stages, and Advantages

Software performance testing is type of testing perform to determine the performance of system to major the measure, validate or verify quality attributes of the system like responsiveness, speed, scalability, stability under variety of load conditions. This article explores its various types, stages and outlines when should performance testing be performed.

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Importance of Security Testing

Security testing is most important testing for an application and checks whether confidential data stays confidential. In this type of testing, tester plays a role of the attacker and play around the system to find security related bugs. This article explores the several types, myths, facts of security testing and explains how to integrate the security processes with the SDLC.

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Automotive Mega-trends, Safety and Requirements Management

Driving has never been better. The newest cars on the road are equipped with active safety features that help protect drivers and passengers.However, as vehicles become more connected and automated, security is of greater concern. Vehicles are an attractive target for hackers. This article describes the major mega-trends of automotive and explains how to stay competitive in safety-critical applications with requirements management.

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What’s Missing from Design for Testability?

For years, engineers have neglected the “design” part of design-for-test. DFT shouldn’t be an afterthought and test engineers can take on some of the task. This article examines the hurdles and see what we can do to improve design activities for testability.

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Securing Your Future with IoT Security Testing

The concept of the IoT aims at connecting physical objects to the internet and allows them to provide different services to communicate among various objects. IoT aims at connecting each device to provide a universal connectivity. As these devices become more vital to our lives, the need to secure them is rising at a growing pace. This article highlights howto ensure your devices and IoT apps are secure.

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Find how T&VS Security Testing Services help ensure the correct security features are built into devices at the outset and processes to assist with ongoing maintenance and updates.