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Webinar: Managing Requirements and Verification with asureSIGN and asureVIEW — 17 Nov.

In this FREE online webinar you will learn how good verification management can help to:

  • “Shift Left” by defining verification tasks against requirements
  • Improve quality of requirements through process
  • Define a minimal test suite against requirements
  • Efficiently test of variants across multiple product lines
  • Automate verification reporting by tracing requirements to test execution
  • Manage multiple verification projects from a single dashboard
  • Provide requirements proof of implementation for compliance to safety standards, such as ISO26262 DO254/178, IEC61508, IEC 62304, etc.

Webinar Event Summary

  • Managing Requirements and Verification with asureSIGN and asureVIEW
  • November 17, 2015. — 15:30- 4:00pm
  • FREE Registration

T&VS wins avionics verification project in China to DO-254 standard


Bristol, UK, 4th November 2014 – T&VS, a leader in software test and hardware verification solutions, today announced that it has won a significant verification service project in China. T&VS is working with its Chinese partner, TopBrain Design Systems, verifying a new avionics FPGA design in compliance with avionics standard DO-254.

The DO-254 standard is recognized by the Federal Avionics Administration (FAA) as a means of compliance for the design of complex electronic hardware in airborne systems. Such hardware includes FPGAs, PLDs and ASICs. The DO-254 standard is the counterpart to the well-established software standard RTCA DO-178B/EUROCAE ED-12B. With DO-254, the FAA recognises that avionics equipment contains both hardware and software, and each is critical to the safe operation of aircraft.

The verification project service by T&VS helps the leading company to verify its safety critical avionics FPGA designs. T&VS will be applying advanced verification techniques such as constrained random verification, functional verification and assertion-based verification to the project. As required by DO-254 requirements traceability will be applied and T&VS will use its unique asureSIGN technology to ensure that requirements can be traced to the verification data generated through the advanced verification techniques being applied.

Mike Bartley, CEO and founder of T&VS, commented, “This deal confirms the strength of our partnership with TopBrain. There is a strong demand for advanced verification expertise in China and with more than 130 skilled engineers globally, T&VS is well equipped to respond to those needs, and it makes perfect sense for T&VS to collaborate with TopBrain.”

Said TopBrain’s president Roger Lee, “This significant win is an important step forward for TopBrain as we look to capitalise on the strong growth that is occurring in the civil aviation industry in China. We appreciate this leading customer’s partnership and look forward to delivering an innovative, quality hardware verification solution that will enable them to get official process compliance certification for their leading project.”

Bartley added, “There are also a number of additional avionics products being designed in China that all require DO-254 compliance where T&VS has lots of expertise.”

T&VS and TopBrain are considering further DO254 projects in China and as part of its strategy in the country, T&VS plans to open an office there in 2015 to strengthen and underpin its presence in the region.

For information on TopBrain’s support and services for T&VS in China visit:

Further information on T&VS’ products and services is available at:

About T&VS
T&VS (Test and Verification Solutions Ltd) provides services and products to organisations developing complex products in the microelectronics and embedded systems industries. Such organisations use T&VS to verify their hardware and software products, employ industry best practice and manage peaks in development and testing programmes. T&VS’ embedded software testing services includes onsite/offshore testing support including assistance with safety certification and security testing. T&VS hardware verification services include onsite/offshore verification support and training in advanced verification methodologies. T&VS also offers Verification IPs and its own Verification (EDA) signoff tool.

About TopBrain
TopBrain Design Systems provides advanced verification solutions to customers developing complex electronics designs. TopBrain helps its customers to get advanced verification capability in a short time. TopBrain’s products and services include advanced hardware verification methodology service, tools, VIP, training courses, onsite/offshore supports to the local customers. In 2014 TopBrain became the official solution partner of T&VS in China.

T&VS Company Contact
Dr. Mike Bartley – T&VS
+44 7796 307958
[email protected]

TopBrain Company Contact
Roger Lee – TopBrain
+86 21 6630 6399
[email protected]

EE Times Blog: Moving Towards Requirements-Driven Verification & Test

In a recent blog for EETimes, Mike Bartley (founder and CEO of T&VS) emphasized the need for  Moving Towards Requirements-Driven Verification & Test.  A short abstract of the article is enclosed below. To read the full article visit EETimes.

Due to the rising complexity, time-to-market demands, and variability involved in building requirements of critical hardware and software systems, it is absolutely essential to have a robust requirements sign-off capability. It’s particularly applicable for systems where the financial cost of failure is significant, when systems are safety-critical, or where there is a high security factor.

Our industry has moved from directed, to constrained random, to metric-driven — is RDVT the next step in its evolution?

Read the full article at EETimes.