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7 Smart City Strategies from Cities across the World

Smart cities are a concoction of people, governance, technology and environment. This article highlights why IoT plays a key role in cementing the distinct blocks of smart cities and outlines what are the strategies in the evolution of networks and IoT services in achieving the reality of a smart city.

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IoT Security – Who’s Responsibility is it?

With billions of applications and devices communicating, security on the IoT is a huge issue, and identity theft is only the beginning.However, most of the technology that makes up our connected ecosystem was not built with security in mind. Thus, anything connected has the potential to be hacked these days. This article summarizes who is responsible for the security of all these devices.

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Compiler for safety critical software – What needs to be done?

The compiler is the central tool, which is required for every software development. It forms the link between the human-readable high-level source code (e.g., C and C ++) and the machine code, interpretable for the hardware processor. For the development of safety critical software according to relevant functional safety standards such as ISO26262 (car), EN50128 (railways), IEC61508 (automation, general) or DO178C (aviation), specific requirements apply for the tools used during the development.

This blog shows a process from the aerospace industry for compiler verification / validation, which is also highly recommended for other industries.

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Understanding the inner workings of UVM

UVM is an open source System Verilog library that aims to make the verification process flexible by creating reusable verification components and assembling powerful test environments using constrained random stimulus generation and functional coverage methodologies.

This article from Aldec focuses on the most essential features of UVM that, together, create the base of the UVM structure and explains why UVM has been a key factor in improving the verification accuracy and quality for today’s SoC.

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IoT Security Challenges for Healthcare

From mobile apps that assist with taking medicine on time to smart appliances that monitor vitals, IoT is becoming ubiquitous in healthcare. However, IoT’s expansion brings new risks, vulnerabilities, and security challenges for healthcare practitioners and their patients. This article from DZone explores what the potential (or realistic) security threats are and outlines how can better protect IoT devices against cybersecurity threats.

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How Can Automation Improve Software Testing?

Automation testing is becoming a helpful tool for different test branches including functional testing, integration testing, live-monitoring, and multi-platform testing. When it comes to testing, enterprises often chose automated testing to speed up the release cycles, get rid of tedious tasks and enhance software quality.

This article summarizes the benefits of automated software testing and describe how to improve the effectiveness of software testing using test automation.

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Best Practices used in Penetration Testing

A network penetration testing is crucial to demystify identify the security exposures. The objective is to simulate a cyber security attack and attempt to uncover security vulnerabilities that might otherwise be discovered by hackers.

This article outlines a guide that encompasses best practices to be implemented before, during and after network penetration testing.

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Getting A Standard Right, The First Time

Portable Stimulus Standard(PSS)is the first standard that increases the abstraction of the verification process and at the same time redefines verification correctly. The industry needs its luminaries to get involved in this standard and time is running out. If the right standard is not put in place, the whole industry will pay the price for it over the next couple of decades.

This article from Semiengineering summarizes the pros and cons of portable stimulus standard and outlines the biggest impact of PSS in today’s market.

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How the Growing Impact of IoT Is Automating the World

The IoT promises widespread automation and data exchange, which will change the way we work and live. This article examines what is currently driving growth in the IoT and how various sectors of the economy will embrace IoT innovations.

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Performance Testing for Our Modern, DevOps World

Performance tests run automatically within the tool chain save time, rather than consuming more. The reality is that during this age of rapid software delivery, testing is the glue that keeps the development process on track and high quality.

Performance testing should be part of every software delivery workflow, and DevOps is allowing that to happen. This article outlines how performance testing fits into our modern, DevOps environment.

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