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How to protect your home from cyber criminals – Smart home and IoT

IoT devices are becoming more prevalent in the household as connected devices are deployed for smart home systems. Securing IoT for smart home systems is one of the key challenges of deploying connected devices at scale in many homes.

Without proper IoT device security in place, serious security vulnerabilities such as unauthorized access and control, and compromised data, can occur. This article describes how to secure IoT for smart home systems.

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How to make sure the future connected car is secure

The use of Internet of Things (IoT) is growing fastly and poised to have a huge impact on every market across the globe. The connected car is one of the fastest-growing markets in the ecosystem that makes up the IoT.

The convergence of IoT and in-vehicle technologies, has paved the road for new and exciting opportunities and also bringing the potential cybersecurity threats. This article describes how to secure the connected car at each step of the vehicle’s life cycle.

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Safety Verification and Optimization of Automotive Ethernet Using Dedicated SoC FIT Rates

For a safe Ethernet-based communication complex, automotive SoCs need appropriate IP including safety mechanisms and protocol support. In addition, a scalable methodology is necessary for safety verification.

This article from Design Reuse outlines the holistic methodology that combines analytic methodologies with simulation-based methodologies which helps to significantly reduce the safety verification effort and achieve faster product certification according to ISO26262.

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How is IoT changing the healthcare industry?

The Internet of Things (IoT) holds great promise for improved health and well being. The increase in advancement in each of these segments of IoT healthcare has opened the door for new solutions. But new devices, with all their potential upside, also bring the need for a clear understanding of the challenges and risks. This article outlines the impact of IoT in healthcare industry.

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How to make Exploratory Testing more effective?

Speed is the biggest requisite for the success of any software product. While releasing new software versions, quick and effective testing feedback is crucial for a successful launch. This article from DZone outlines why exploratory testing is highly effective for finding critical bugs in a short span of time and is ideal in an agile environment for releasing high-quality software products.

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Protecting the IoT with secure hardware

As the IoT devices continues to expand exponentially, security threats to hardware is an also growing concern and it becomes more of a reality to the organizations, the importance of securing the billions of remote, connected objects, networks against cyber-attack becomes increasingly challenging.

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Hardware-assisted verification, from its dawn to SystemVerilog, UVM, and Transactors

This article from EDN describes how to achieve the verification performance and productivity which is necessary to fully debug and develop the most complex electronic hardware and software-based systems and outlines how the platform-portable, emulation-compatible transactors offer a unique combination of performance, accessibility, flexibility, and scalability.

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IoT Security in the Auto Industry

As the Internet of Things (IoT) extends to automobiles, security and privacy threats come along for the ride.While IoT offer abundant opportunities for connected cars and improved business efficiency, organizations need to consider the privacy and security risks carefully before proceeding.

This article from Global Sign summarizes why security, privacy, and most importantly, safety is the emerging landscape for connected and autonomous driving.

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What is Regression testing? When it is appropriate?

Regression testing is a form of software testing that confirms or denies the functionality of software components after changes to a system. This article explores what regression testing is and where it’s most commonly implemented, and examine why exploratory testing should also be considered a key component in any proper regression testing methodology.

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How to build a trusted IoT device ecosystem?

With the coming of IoT, billions of sensors and devices are rapidly gaining connectivity. However, despite of creating huge business opportunities and offering several consumer benefits, IoT introduces serious security threats into the digital ecosystem. This article explores how to establish root of trust which is a key element for IoT device security and outlines why it is better to build security into IoT devices from the beginning.

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