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Differences between Network & Web Application Security

Security is defined as the degree of resistance to, or protection from, harm. It applies to any vulnerable and asset which in almost all cases, will include an organizations’ website, web service and IT infrastructure.

This article highlights what makes web application security different from network security and why an approach that addresses both is the only way forward when it comes to maintaining an effective overall IT security posture.

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Find how T&VS Web Application Security Services enable you to prevent breaches by protecting and securing your data against web attacks, and vulnerabilities.

How to apply Continuous Integration to Hardware Design and Verification

With agile approaches being applied with success to hardware design and verification development processes, the uncertainty to apply a continuous integration flow in a hardware development process is raised.

This article presents the main differences between software development and hardware verification in terms of integration process, and outlines how continuous integration practices can increase the interaction between the verification team and the design team.

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Find out how T&VS Verification services help to meet the challenging requirements with respect to performance, flexibility and verify the today’s complex designs effectively.

How IoT is Set to Transform Vehicle Management Space

Deploying IoT is not merely an economic imperative. Everyone from aviation and automotive industry participants, and healthcare providers are using varying versions of IoT. They all are finding value in using an IoT-based approach to address multiple challenges. This article explores how IoT is playing a key role in automotive industry.

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Learn more about how T&VS Automotive Verification and Test solutions help to address the challenges of delivering safe, secure and compliant automotive products.

How to Overcome Automation Challenges with Codeless Automation?

Automation testing plays a key role in expediting the testing process and eliminating the shortcomings in manual testing. However, automating a large test suite is quite a hectic task as it requires a lot of time and effort. There are many conventional testing tools that depend upon code and scenarios to automate test scenarios, thus making automation a challenging and time-consuming task.

However, with the latest testing tools becoming codeless, this is going to change. This article from 360 Logica describes how to overcome the automation challenges with codeless automation.

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Find how T&VS Test Automation Services enables organisations to increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and coverage of their software testing.

IoT in Healthcare: Opportunities to Leverage, Challenges to Address

IoT is constantly offering new tools as well as efficiencies that make up an integrated healthcare system with the view of ensuring patients are cared for better, health care costs are reduced significantly and treatment outcomes are improved.

This article discusses the prospects of IoT for medical devices and explains how to address the security challenges of IoT in healthcare industry.

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Find how T&VS Healthcare IoT services help manufacturers and customers to securely design and develop smarter healthcare systems.

FPGAs in an SoC World

The SoC domination observed so far in the ASIC industry is coming to the FPGA world and changing the way FPGAs are used and FPGA projects are verified. This article from EDA Café describes how to verify effectively the modern features and architecture of FPGA.

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Learn T&VS services that help you know why FPGA technology is making new inroads as demands increase for better integration between hardware and software.

How to Manage IoT Security Risks

As the IoT becomes more ingrained into everyday business and our personal lives, we will be increasingly dependent on the data, insights and value it brings. As IoT adoption and value increases, it becomes even more important to secure the investments made and benefits accrued. This article highlightsfive key facts about the IoT to help security teams build IoT security into their risk management program.

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Find out how T&VS IoT Security services help companies to efficiently and effectively address the threats of security vulnerabilities.

Reasons Why You Should Invest in Performance Testing

Investing in performance testing is obviously paramount today for the success of organizations that can select either open source or licensed testing tools for ensuring the best performance of their product. This article highlights the key reasons why it is critical for enterprises/businesses to invest in performance testing.

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Know how T&VS ensure you implement and deliver the right performance testing approach to help you meet your objectives and business demands.

Top Internet of Things (IoT) Security Concerns

IoT is creating new and exciting opportunities for multiple kind of businesses. The rapid adoption of IoT-enabled devices also brings a new set of challenges which must be addressed by using new, creative and agile thinking to defeat the cyberattackers. This article explores how to overcome the security threats that come the IoT.

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Find out how T&VS IoT services help organization overcome the safety, security & privacy challenges and deliver secure connected products to the market.

Parallel Debug: A Path to a Better Big Data Diaspora

The EDA industry is increasingly avaricious for the benefits of big data. While functional verification has been a producer of big data for several years, paradoxically, big data analysis adoption may not have progressed as quickly as it could have due to a shortage of big data consumers.

This article describes a methodology parallel debug as well as a supporting Jenkins framework, enabled by the availability of massive processor and disc farms which are commonplace among chip design projects.

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Find out how T&VS have developed a unique process that enables companies to make continuous improvements to their design and verification environments.