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The Medical Internet of Things: How healthcare organizations should get ahead?

The Internet of Things (IoT) introduces huge opportunities for businesses and consumers, especially in the areas of healthcare. Proactive measures can and must be taken to protect patients’ lives and ensure that IoT technology continues to innovate and develop. This article describes the five recommendations for healthcare organizations to ensure they fully embrace the power of the IoT.

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Building for the Internet of Things Is Great-Just Keep Security in Mind

The rapidly expanding Internet of Things (IoT) has ushered in some major cybersecurity challenges over the past few years. Along with this widespread adoption, testers are facing new challenges to make sure that IoT applications are sufficiently secure because these applications handle a lot of sensitive data.

This article from Techwell describes why developers must focus on building security into their IoT applications when they design and implement IoT solutions and explores the testing techniques for securing IoT applications.

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Making Cars Smarter and Safer

Today, drivers are increasingly distracted on the road where everyone wanted to create a hands-free communication kit that allows them to stay connected in a safe and convenient way. This article from SemiWiki describes how to make your car smarter, safer and always connected.

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Hierarchical Sequences in UVM

Rising design complexity is leading to near exponential increase in verification efforts. The industry has embraced verification reuse by adopting UVM, deploying VIPs and plugging block level environment components at sub system or SoC level. This article from Any Silicon explores how hierarchical sequences’ in UVM suggests sequence development in a modular fashion to enable easier debug, maintenance and reuse of the code.

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Why is IoT / Internet of Things security important?

As IoT applications collect more and more previously unexposed often confidential data, and allow access to various control functions over the internet, security becomes a major challenge. This article highlights the importance of IoT security in today’s connected world.

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How Good is Exploratory Testing for Agile Teams?

Based on the buzz at trade shows and across industry publications, agile teams are becoming more and more passionate about exploratory testing. Exploratory testing plays a key role in agile testing. It is a simultaneous approach where the testers learn about the system, perform test design and write test cases. This article from DZone explores the reasons why exploratory testing is an important activity in agile projects.

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Cost-Effective Unit Testing and Integration in Accordance with ISO 26262

ISO 26262 is a functional safety standard for road vehicles that defines requirements and processes to assure safety along a range of hazard classification levels called Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASIL). This article highlights the scope of ISO26262 in automotive industry and outlines how automated testing and verification tools keep ISO 26262 projects on track.

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Portable Stimulus: Standard vs. Tool vs. Language

As with most standards, portable stimulus is being created to allow you to write your verification intent model once, and allow it to be reused (i.e. “portable”) in many different, including across tools from multiple vendors.

This article from Mentor Graphics describes the difference between how portable stimulus can be considered as a standard, tool and language & outlines how portable test and stimulus address many of today’s critical verification, test reuse, and portability challenges.

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The Impact of Internet of Things on Healthcare

IoT is constantly offering new tools as well as efficiencies that make up an integrated healthcare system with the view of ensuring patients are cared for better, health care costs are reduced significantly and treatment outcomes are improved. This article summarizes the factors that impact the growth of IoT in healthcare.

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How does the Internet of Things affect data security?

The growing number of connected devices multiplies the amount of potential points of vulnerability and provides hackers with many ways for breaking into corporate databases. These potentially vulnerable devices can be easily exploited because by their design IoT devices are built with lightweight security, and being connected to the internet also makes them highly susceptible to intrusion and attacks.

This article outlines how organizations should manage the vast amounts of generated data and ensure that it is secure and describes the impact of IoT on data security.

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