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Web Application Security Testing: The What, Why, Who & How?

By: Declan O’Riordan Head of Security Testing, TVS

declan-oriordan-thumbnail At this year’s EuroSTAR conference on software Testing (Dublin, Nov 24-27) I presented on web application security and how it is completely different to traditional mainframe testing. If you’re not familiar with SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, Cross-Site Request Forgery or a host of other ways of attacking your system and applications, then this was the talk for you. In the talk I covered:

  • What web application security testing is
  • Why it’s important
  • Who should be doing it
  • How it should be done

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T&VS releases paper on how to transition from OVM to UVM

As the popularity of UVM grows and sweeps across the industry a number of T&VS customers are asking us “What are the differences?” and “So what do I need to do to make my OVM test bench UVM compliant?”.

In the white paper T&VS has clearly identified the differences between OVM and UVM and given practical steps to make the transition.

DVClub April 2012 on Adopting UVM

The DVClub event on 23rd April 2012 focused on “Adopting UVM”. It was held physically at sites in Bristol and Cambridge in the UK, Eindhoven in The Netherlands and Grenoble in France. Remote internet access was also available. The event attracted a total of 176 verification engineers from 68 companies in 14 different countries.

This post contains the downloads and resources available from the meeting

Easier UVM – Functional Verification for Mainstream Designers by John Aynsley.
A video of similar presentations can be found here

Test and Verification Solutions
Essentials for Developing and  Deploying SV-based VIP – Manish Tanwar, Senior Verification Engineer, Bangalore, India
Video of the presentation

Dialog Semiconductor
The UVM Register Layer, Introduction and Experiences by  Steve Holloway – Senior Verification Engineer, UK
Video of the presentation

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