Change Log

Day two

  • Worked on all the Solutions pages
  • Integrated new asureNNNN logos into all pages
  • Installed and configured link checker and anti-comment span plug-in
  • Set-up access into TVS Mailchimp and checked access correct.
  • Confirmed with TVS what each list is for and use of direct email links (leave as-is)
  • Integrated VIP microsite content into VIP page
  • Created Right-hand sidebars for all key product pages
  • ** Note to self: need to check new Youtube embed code as menu obscured **
  • Updated resources section and moved Published Article to its own menu item

Day two

  • Updated pages under the Conferences section
  • Restructured some of the conference pages to reduce navigation steps
  • Created and set-up right-sidebar for all Conference pages
  • Added consistency between pages in terms of sections, formats, etc.
  • Cleaned up html behind agenda pages
  • Included simple CAPTCHA method to Forms (more advanced CAPTCHA available if required)
  • Updated Newsletter section ** would be nice to include mailchimp form directly in the sign-up form and need access to mailchimp or the code snippet to do it **
  • Created Follow_us summary page (replicates icons in header, but also available via menu for those look there.
  • Wired up Login page
  • Updated Search page

Day one

  • Created Custom Right Sidebar for About sections of website and applied to all relevant pages. Currently includes Latest News and Twitter, can be changed easily.
  • Updates to all the sub pages of About us, including
  • Body Text: Knocked back from #FFF to #303030 to still give good clear readable text, but remove harshness and contrast with the rest of the design.
  • Updated Local Offices Page.  This was previously Contact-Us, which seemed confusing with contactus.  Some maps are live google maps, others are images. Note: Live site is missing image for Singapore.  Removed up arrows and replaced with simple text to clean up appearance. Changed quick link table to be simple “|” text items to improve layout.
  • Installed and configured Contact Form 7 and created Main Contact form, updating the default styles to fit in with TVS theme.  Added additional command to take user to Thank You page once send button clicked.  Required small change to css file.
  • Installed & Configured Google XML Sitemaps 4.0.4 (Temp deactivated until site goes live)
  • Installed & Configured Google Analytics plug-in version 1.0.5 using “UA-30733517-1” (Temp deactivated until site goes live)
  • Updated CMS Tree View Plug-in