Design Verification Club


The principal goal of DVClub is to have fun while helping build the verification community through quarterly educational and networking events. DVClub membership is free and is open to all non-service provider semiconductor professionals.

DVClub currently has chapters in Austin, Bangalore, Boston, Bristol, Cambridge, Dallas, Delhi, Eindhoven, Grenoble, RTP, Shanghai, Silicon Valley, Sophia Antipolis and Toronto. T&VS organise events in Europe and India.

DVClub Europe

Forthcoming Events

06 February, 2018 UVM War Stories

Recent Events

28 November, 2017 Methodologies for Rigorous Safety Verification
12 September, 2017 Verifying Analog and Physical Designs
07 February, 2017 Cache Coherency Verification with Formal, Portable Stimulus, and Multiple Platforms
27 November, 2016 Safety
27 September, 2016 Software Driven Verification
24 May, 2016 Debug
08 March, 2016 Verifying Hardware Security
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DVClub India

Forthcoming Events

TBC Pending

Recent Events

24 November, 2017 Unique Challenges in Verifying Automotive SoCs
15 November DFT Challenges – Call for Submissions Now Open
27 April, 2017 Verification IPs – Build vs Buy
11 May, 2016 IP Verification Challenges
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DVClub China

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