DVClub Europe – Previous Events


7 February Cache Coherency Verification with Formal, Portable Stimulus, and Multiple Platforms


27 November Safety
27 September Software Driven Verification
24 May Debug
08 March Verifying Hardware Security

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01 December Coverage Closure
20 October Functional Safety in Hardware Verification
22 September Power
20 April Achieving Verification Reuse


8 September Performance Verification
7 July Assertion Based Verification
28 April Verification Qualification
13  January Managing Verification Data UCIS


9  September System Verilog and  UVM Update
1  July Power Aware Verification with UPF
8  April Wilson Research Group 2012 Functional Verification Study & Mike Bartley Challenges
14  January Open Source Tools for Verification


22  November  “Easier UVM” with Dr David Long of Doulos
8  October AMS Verification
2  July Graph Based Verification
23  April Adopting UVM


26  September Assertion Based Verification:Eric Deal, Cyclic Design
Nitin Mhaske, NextOp Software
6  June Populations, Variety and Selection: Verifying Complex Designs
24  January Metric Driven Verification


6  December Analog Mixed-Signal Verification
1  November Mainline Functional Verification of IBM’s POWER7 Processor Core
20  September Using Open Source Verification Tools
26  April Design IP – help or hindrance to verification?
18  January Coverage Closure