Formal Fault Analysis for ISO 26262 Fault Metrics on Real World Designs.

Conference: DVCLUB Europe: November 2017
Speaker: Jörg Große, Product Manager Safety Critical Solution, OneSpin Solutions.
Presentation Title: Formal fault analysis for ISO 26262 fault metrics on real world designs.
Abstract: Safety critical development processes, governed by standards such as ISO26262, include the use of fault correction components that protect the device against Random faults that occur naturally during operation. A methodology has evolved that makes use of fault simulation and formal techniques to establish the diagnostic coverage of safe faults, and detect dangerous faults. A significant remaining challenge is the debug of these dangerous faults. While fault simulation can establish fault propagation, Formal can produce a clear detection of dangerous faults, enable their debug, and indicate how a design may be protected against their occurrence. This presentation will discuss these dangerous fault debug techniques using state-of-the-art formal verification apps.

  • ISO26262 requires a high proportion of Random operational faults that occur during operation to be managed correctly.The debug of faults proven dangerous via the diagnostic coverage process remains a complex, time consuming problem.Formal Verification may improve a number of safety verification functions, including the debug of these complex fault scenarios.
Speaker Bio: Jörg Große is the Product Manager for Functional Safety at OneSpin and has more than 20 years of experience in EDA, functional verification and ASIC design.
As co-founder of a successful Silicon Valley based startup, he was central in developing the concept of fault/mutation testing into a state-of-the-art EDA tool. He deployed this technology in many leading semiconductor companies, increasing the quality of their functional verification. He holds a Dipl.-Ing.(FH) in Electrical Engineering from the University of Applied Science Anhalt.

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