Functional Coverage is Useless

Conference: DVCLUB Europe: February 2018
Speaker: Greg Smith, Director of Processor Verification, Oracle
Presentation Title: Functional Coverage is Useless
Abstract: As complexity has grown, we have devised new verification coverage techniques to keep up. We are at an inflection point where complexity has grown, and we are still using the prior generation’s coverage techniqes. Alone, these techniques are not able to deal with today’s complexity. I offer some examples of techniques we developed at Sun/Oracle to improve our functional coverage and verification quality.

  • Current functional coverage techniques are inadequate for today’s complexity
  • Results can be misleading, inaccurate or outright wrong
  • Techniques leveraging machine learning and visualization is a new approach
Speaker Bio: Greg has 25 years of verifcation experience in processors and SOC and has been responsible for close to 25 tape outs in his career, most with first pass functional success. I am very passionate about developing new techniques to improve quality, efficiency and predictability and have developed a custom metrics solution for predicting verification completion.

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