T&VS is hosting its second Software Testing Conference at UWE Conference Centre, Bristol.

This half day conference in the Intelligent Testing™ series,  will focus on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of software testing providing a much needed forum for the software testing community in the South West and beyond.

The keynote address will be provided by Nigel Charman, Chief of Software and Systems Verification at Rolls Royce in Bristol. Nigel has worked in the aerospace industry since the mid-80s, can remember CP/M 86 and OS/2 and has tested the software and electronics on missiles, rockets, ships and aircraft. Nigel will be joined by an exciting mix of other industry speakers who will be talking about a broad range of techniques and tools to improve software quality and reduce time-to-market such as static analysis, monitoring test coverage and harnessing assertion checking.


12.00Registration and Refreshments
Lauterbach – Prove your Code meets Spec
Test and Verification Solutions Ltd – Compliance-Based Testing
13.00Arrival and Refreshments & Networking
13.30Introduction: Mike Bartley, Test and Verification Solutions
13.35Keynote AddressNigel Charman, Chief of Software and Systems Verification, Rolls Royce
Presentation: Intelligent Testing in Complex Environments
14.05Barry Savell, Associate Consultant
Presentation: Get Yourself Covered
14.25Emenda/Klocwork<, Steve Howard, Klocwork Professional Services, EMEA Presentation: Static Analysis – What, Why, Where, When, Who and How
14.45SN Systems<, Russell Gallop, Senior Software Engineer in Test Presentation: Agile and CI for Embedded Software and Tool Development
15.05Afternoon Break
15.35Atkins Global, Chris Sampson, Principal Consultant
Presentation: Static Analysis and Formal Proof for Software Systems using the MALPAS Toolset
16.05Imperas Software, Simon Davidmann, President and CEO
Presentation: Virtual Platform Software Simulation for Enhanced Multi-core Software Verification
16.25Lauterbach, Barry Lock, UK Manager
Presentation: Update from Lauterbach
16.35University of Malta, Dr Christian Colombo, Lecturer – Presentation: Harnessing Sophisticated Assertion Checking Through Runtime Testing
17.05Mike Bartley, Concluding Remarks

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