Multicore Challenge 2014

The next revolution in multicore, energy-efficient and high-performance computing.

Now in its fifth successful year, the multicore challenge is a conference and tools event held every year near Bristol and Bath. It considers both the challenges and opportunities in building products based on multiple cores – from embedded industrial/consumer products and PC applications to mobile phones and high performance compute clusters.

The conference is built on the South West’s international reputation as hub for multicore research and development, both legacy (e.g. Inmos and Division) and the vast array of present day innovators (e.g. XMOS, ST, Imagination, MindSpeed and ARM). The high-calibre of speakers and tool demonstrations attracts a wide range of delegates and companies and continues to grow year-on-year.

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This year our main themes are Architectures, Languages and Multicore for Mobile, with presentations and tool demonstrations from a wide range of industry experts.


When: 23 September, 2014
Where: Bristol, UK
Venue: UWE Conference Centre (University of the West of England)
Cost: FREE to attend as a delegate (click here to Register)

The Agenda (and Presentations

Click on the speakers name to read an abstract of the talk and to view the presentation recording.

Welcome and Morning Keynote

08:30 Arrival: Registration and Coffee
09:15 Welcome: Mike Bartley, Test and Verification Solutions
09:20 Keynote: Jim Whittaker, EVP of the Imagination MIPS Processor IP product

Themed Presentations
Moderated by Mike Bartley

10:00 Architectures David May, University of Bristol and XMOS
10:20 Languages Simon McIntosh-Smith, University of Bristol
10:40 Multicore for Mobile Stephen Felix, NVidia
11:00-11:30 Morning Break & Networking

Multi-track Themed Conference Sessions

11:30-12:45 Track #1:
Moderated by: David May

11:30-12:45 Track #2:
Moderated by: Simon McIntosh-Smith

11:30-12:45 Track #3:
Multicore for Mobile
Moderated by: Steve Felix, NVidia

12.45-13-30 Lunch Break & Networking Opportunity to see tool demonstrations

Afternoon Keynote

13:30-14:10 Keynote Simon Knowles, XMOS

Multicore Tool Demonstrations

14:15-15:45 Each demonstration is 25 minutes long and repeated every 30 minutes).
Delegates to chose which 3 sessions to attend on the day (space permitting)

  • Allinea Software : Profiling and debugging multi-core/process applications
  • Cray UK : Reveal – A tool for accelerating directive development
  • Codeplay Software : SYCLONE – An implementation of SYCL for OpenCL
  • Gamebench : Android Performance Profiling using GameBench
  • Imagination : Heterogeneous Multicore Debugging
  • Lauterbach : Analysing multicore code without instrumentation
  • QNX : Multi-Threaded Profiling using QNX Momentics
  • Rapita Systems : On-Target Verification for Multicore Systems
  • Test and Verification Solutions : Requirements Driven Verification for Multicore
  • ZenoTech : Many-core accelerated CFD available on demand
15:45-16:15 Afternoon Break & Networking

Closing Panel Discussion

16:15-17:00 Moderated by: Mike Bartley, TVS

Listen to the Panel Discussion

17:00 Depart