Research Projects

T&VS are an active participant in a number of innovate research programs and initiatives.


Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

T&VS announced that it is part of the consortium that has secured more than £4.2 million of funding from Innovate UK and the Centre for Connected & Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV)to deliver a pilot scheme that could pave the way for the use of connected and autonomous vehicles to move people around.

[ Innovate UK – 103288, CAV2 – Stream 2 ]


V&V of Autonomous Commercial Vehicles

T&VS will work to accelerate the safety components of the consortiums vision, working with partners on the verification and validation of the complex cyber physical systems involved in autonomous vehicle deployment.

[ Innovate UK – 103703 ]


V&V of Performance of Complex Systems

T&VS to participate in this feasibility study into the cost-effective capture, validation and verification of the performance (and resource cost) of complex systems during the design process.

[ Innovate UK – 132304 ]

Software V&V

V&V of Cyber Physical Systems

T&VS is the project lead on this project and will be working with the University of Bristol and end user CPS developers, including Thales, Dyson and SCISYS, to better understand how to apply today’s proven hardware verification techniques to the verification of software, and specifically to investigate the tooling required for the successful testing of CPS control software.

[ Innovate UK – 132298 ]


National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme

T&VS received a prestigious grant from the UK’s National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme (NATEP) to extend its asureSIGN requirements and verification management tool technology for the aerospace sector and in particular provide support for the software and hardware safety standards such as DO-178C and DO-254.

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