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T&VS staff regularly produce articles that are published by recognised industry journals and bodies.

2018 Publications & Presentations

2017 Publications

2016 Publications

2015 Publications

2014 Publications

  • Conference Paper: The What? Why? Who? and How? of Application Security Testing, a Prize winning presentation by Declan O’Riordan from EuroSTAR 2014.
  • “Increase Verification Productivity with Questa® UVM Debug” article by Mike Bartley, Suresh Babu and Shyam Ramaswamy of T&VS
  • V&V of Autonomous Systems – KTN presentations by Mike Bartley
  • DVCon Europe Presentation: “A Framework for AMS VIP development  with UVM and Verilog-AMS” by Mike Bartley and Jeganath Gandhi R of T&VS Read more
  • DVCon Europe Presentation: “Requirements-driven Verification Methodology for Standards Compliance” by Serrie-Justine Chapman and Mike Bartley of T&VS and Darren Galpin, Infineon Read more
  • DVCon Europe Presentation: “Practical Experience in Automatic Functional Coverage Convergence and Reusable Collection Infrastructure in UVM” by Roman Wang, AMD, Suresh Babu and Mike Bartley from T&VS Read more
  • DVCon Europe Presentation: “Requirements-driven Verification Methodology for Standards Compliance” by Serrie-Justine Chapman  and Mike Bartley of T&VS Read more
  • “Security Testing” at the Test Management Forum, by Declan O’Riordan, 30 July 2014. Read more
  • Slides from a talk on “Testing the Internet of Things” at The Test Management Forum on July 30th 2014. Recordings to appear shortly Read more
  • ARM-based SoC Verification, DVClub China, June 2014 Read more
  • Reliable Software Development – Device Developers Conference, Bristol/Cambridge/Manchester/Edinburgh, May 2014 Read more
  • Using Specman Denali Interface to build a robust Data Checking Mechanism, CDNLive Munich May 2014 Read more
  • Easy migration between frameworks using UVM Multi-Language (UVM-ML), CDNLive Munich May 2014  Read more
  • TMF April 2014 – Test Strategies for Business Critical Software, Test Management Forum, London, April, 2014 Read more
  • Shifting Left – A More Intelligent Direction, BCS SIGiST, London, March 2014 Read more
  • Compliance-based Testing for Safety-Related Software – Intelligent Testing Conference, Bristol, March 2014 Read more

2013 Publications

  • Summary of the BCS SIGiST December 2013 conference [Mike Bartley] Read more
  • Mobile App Testing – BCS Bristol, Bristol, November 2014 Read more
  • Requirements Testing – Turning Compliance into Commercial Advantage : From Test Management Forum Oct 2013 [Mike Bartley] Read Paper
  • NoC Generic Scoreboard VIP : [Francois Cerisier and Mathieu Maisonneuve] Read Paper
  • Virtual Platform verification : Embedded World Feb 2013 Read more
  • FPGA verification (using Advanced Verification Techniques without throwing away all your current FPGA verification): From NMI Feb 2013 [Mike Bartley] Read Paper
  • Achieving ISO 26262 compliance in Silicon and how to pass useful signoff data to software testing, post-silicon validation and through the supply chain Read Paper

2012 Publications

  • Innovations for Testing Parallel Software : EuroSTAR 2012 [Mike Bartley] Read more
  • Interconnect Verification : From IPSOC2012 [Mike Bartley and Francois Cerisier] Read Paper & View Slides
  • How to transition from OVM to UVM : [Mike Bartley and Suresh Babu] Read Paper
  • Agile Techniques in Hardware Development : From IPSOC2012 [Mike Bartley and Francois Cerisier] Read Paper & View Slides or Video
  • ISO26262 Requirements Based HW and SW Testing in Automotive : From AAE 2012 [Mike Bartley and Serrie Chapman] Read Paper
  • Adopting UVM : From DAC 2012 [Mike Bartley] Read Paper
  • Formal Verification : From DAC 2012 [written jointly by T&VS, ARM and Jasper] Poster and Abstract
  • Benchmarking Functional Verification : From DVCon Feb 2012 [Mike Benjamin and Mike Bartley] Read Paper
  • Formal Verification : From the Jasper UK Conference in Feb 2012 Read Paper
  • Efficient Project Management and Verification Sign-off Using Questa Verification Management : From Mentor Verification Horizons Feb 2012 [T&VS-India] Read Paper

2011 Publications

  • Experiences in Automating Requirements Based Testing : From Testing Experience, Dec 2011 Read More
  • Knowing When You’re Done with Your Requirements : From NMI Embedded Automotive, Nov 2011 [Mike Bartley] Read More

2010 Publications

  • Testing Concurrent Software : From Bristol University, Nov 2010 [Shmuel Ur] Read more
  • The Economics of Verification : From Silicon South-West, Apr 2010 [Mike Bartley]
  • Integrating Ethernet CMS with Internal Verification Environments : From Cadence Verification Challenge, Apr 2010 [Mike Bartley] View Slides
  • Migrating to UVM: how and why : From SNUG UK, May 2010 [Mike Bartley] Read more
  • Industry Trends Compare and Contrast : From University of Bristol, April 2010 [Harry Foster, Chief Verification Scientist at Mentor] Read more

2008-2009 Publications

  • How to Build & Maintain a Successful Outsourced, Offshored Testing Partnership ; From TestingExperience, Mar 2009 Read more
  • Improved time to market through automated software testing : From TestingExperience, Dec 2008 Read more
  • The shortage of hardware verification engineers [Mike Bartley] Read more
  • ARM based SoC Verification Methodology [Abey Thomas] Read more
  • ARM formalized in HOL [Anthony Fox, University of Cambridge] Read more