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asureSTAFF-webBringing together a team for a new development project, or even finding individuals to replace or compliment existing personnel can be a real challenge.  The engineering sector has a widely recognised shortfall in skilled personnel and the cost of hiring and retaining good staff is high, even for the most respected organisations.  Outsourcing and/or off-shoring of you product verification testing can be both a tactical measure and a long term strategy, so let T&VS set-up and/or manage your outsourcing or off-shore partnership.

T&VS has a focus on resourcing projects in hardware verification and software testing and can be your route to successful outsourcing and off-shore execution.

  • Outsourcing = the use of components of labour from external suppliers – Augmentation
  • Offshoring = the relocation of some of a company’s production services or jobs overseas – Offshore Development Centre (ODC).

Outsourcing: The Benefits

Outsourcing can offer huge benefits and the quickest, safest way to achieve the results you want is to use a partner who has delivered many times before – T&VS.

  • It allows you to concentrate on core-skills
  • It gives you access to specialist knowledge
  • The ability to quickly undertake one-off projects
  • Improved efficiency and lower product development costs
  • Reduced time to market
  • Higher product quality through use of specialists
  • Move fixed costs to variable costs
  • But outsourcing requires a specific set of management knowledge and skills.

Offshoring: All the Outsourcing benefits above plus;

  • Access to a huge pool of skilled software and hardware verification personnel
  • The ability to ramp a team quickly.
  • Low cost.  Typically offshore personnel can be provided by T&VS at 30% of the cost associated with UK personnel.

T&VS has operated in India since it started in 2008 and T&VS staff have been working in India for many more years. In September 2011 T&VS opened dedicated offices in Chennai, India.

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