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The Advanced Requirements Driven Verification, Test and Conformance Management Tool

asureSIGN: Requirements Management Tool asureSIGN is a requirements driven management and verification tool for managers, developers and integrators that ensures that product requirements have been successfully tested and implemented. asureSIGN White PaperUsing the latest in Requirements Driven Verification and Test (RDVT) methodologies, asureSIGN takes requirements engineering beyond the test definition of common requirements tracing practice by accumulating data on the status of verification and test metrics over the duration of a project and automatically relating these back to the specified requirements, leading to:

  • Increased quality of the final product
  • Reduced verification and test timescales
  • Increased productivity of requirement, verification and test resources
  • Improved project, requirements and verification management
  • Enhanced compliance and audit documentation

Improved Product Sign-Off

The rising complexity, time to market demands and variability involved in building complex requirements-critical hardware and software systems makes it essential that companies have a robust requirements driven sign-off capability. asuresign-requirements-drawing This particularly applies to systems where the financial cost of failure is significant or when system security, safety or standards compliance are critical. asureSIGN improves the sign-off process in a number of key areas, highlighted in the short video asureSIGN: Requirements Management.

  • Requirements capture & management
  • Mapping requirements to goals / tests
  • Proof of implementation / results
  • Documentation for audit / compliance purposes

The Advantages of Using asureSIGN

asureSIGN complements existing tools and workflows to offer significant advantages to managers and engineering teams working to ensure functional requirements are successfully implement. Click the (+) button to see the individual advantages.

  • Requirements Management
    • Mapping of requirements through tests to results, for requirements engineering completion
    • Using requirements within the test flow allows test engineers early analysis for planning
    • Requirements driven test methodology assists with achieving a complete and high quality set of requirements

  • Verification Management
    • Easy interpretation of result metrics, at multiple levels of hierarchy; help to identify issues areas
    • Independently work on your verification environment with no dependency on any one EDA tool chain
    • Achieve improved decision making due to high quality, real-time information on the project status

  • Project Management
    • Reusability of data between projects allows for reduced ramp up times
    • Variant management between projects helps to easily identify redundant and new tests needed
    • Milestone grading assists with resource management and allows for improved communication across the project
    • Provides visibility on the early verification efforts, leading to better project management by making it easy to see what areas need attention
    • Enables risk-based testing (e.g. adapting the level of testing according to risk or SIL assignment)
    • Combine data from multiple tools into one system or combine data from multiple projects into one underlying database
    • The visibility of requirements to tests allow for a secondary requirement quality check and a process to ensure completeness of the requirements

  • Compliance / Audit Management
    • Documentation for audits are held within the tool and are readily available for deliverables
    • Compliance to different industry standards (e.g. ISO26262, DO178 & IEC62304).

A Quick Introduction to asureSIGN

asureSIGN implements the RDVT methodology by starting with the top level ‘product’ requirements or Test Plan that has been refined to a suitable level of granularity either external to asureSIGN or within the tools itself. A top level requirements hierarchy may also be written as a standalone test A rich suite of tools are provided within asureSIGN to implement the core functions of, and realise the advantages of RDVT. asureSIGN is a proven solution to the problems identified within current tool flows which complements current workflows and tooling to ensure that all requirements are proven to be implemented and working correctly. Using a combination of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and a Command Line Interface (CLI), asureSIGN combines ease-of-use with flexibility, with the CLI providing an indispensable means to achieve automation, provide access to an extended command set and allow for batch updates via XML import and export. View typical asureSIGN GUI Screens.

Core Features and Functions

asureSIGN is supported on Linux and Windows, and delivers the following core functions.

  • Requirements Capture
  • Change Management
  • Compliance and Auditing
  • Auditable Documents Proofs
  • Regression Analysis and Graphing
  • EDA Tool Independent
  • Configuration & Version Management
  • Reuse & Variance Management
  • Scalable
  • Lightweight Tool Flow
  • Quality and Completeness

Evaluation Licenses

For a more detailed look at the tools capabilities and future developments please read the asureSIGN White Paper, view the videos Managing Requirements Driven Test and Verification and Requirement Engineering or check out the additional Resources section in the sidebar.

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