Automation Testing

The T&VS Automation Testing Service enables organisations to increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and coverage of their software testing. With the trend of development methodologies moving towards continuous integration and DevOps style regular software updates, the necessity for repeatable automated testing grows.

Establishing our automation Centre-Of-Excellence has enabled T&VS to build a wealth of automation expertise and experience. T&VS has a proven track-record and approach to test automation that leverages the latest industry best practices in continuous integration and test driven development. Our Automation consultants are trained in the essential automation approaches and toolsets from open source to proprietary.

T&VS will ensure you implement and deliver the right automation framework to enable you to meet your objectives and business demands, plus ensure your ROI is achieved.


  • Automation framework strategy
  • Open source and proprietary tools
  • Automation Centre-Of-Excellence
  • BDD & TDD delivery
  • Software-Development-Engineers-in-Test
  • Agile / Continuous Integration / DevOps
  • Augment existing internal team
  • Automation IP asset creation

Automation Testing with T&VS

T&VS can deliver automation testing services either on your site, in our UK offices, offshore in our Indian test centres or using a blended model with part of the T&VS team onsite and the remainder offshore. Our testing and training service delivers real benefits for our customers, improving software quality with more predictable and faster development timescales, and reduced overall development costs. We achieve this through a combination of test and verification excellence combined with a powerful verification and test strategy developed from a track record of successful engagements and strong project management. We tailor our services to meet your business and project needs, delivering exceptional quality. We test while you develop.Automation Testing with T&VS

The Automation Framework

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