Performance Testing

The T&VS Performance Testing Service is an innovative approach to evaluate how a system performs in terms of responsiveness and stability under a particular workload. T&VS has a proven track record of delivering performance / load / stress testing for a number of large organisations and key projects, creating a wealth of expertise and experience. Our performance consultants are trained in the latest industry approaches and toolsets, from open source to proprietary.

T&VS will ensure you implement and deliver the right performance testing approach to help you meet your objectives and business demands.


  • Performance strategy definition / approach / plan
  • Expertise in load / stress / performance
  • Open source and proprietary tools
  • Highlight performance bottlenecks & risk mitigation
  • Tuning for optimum performance
  • Augment existing internal team and support
  • Performance IP asset creation

On Demand Performance Testing

Through a strategic partnership with Dotcom Monitor, T&VS customers now have access to LoadView for leading-edge flexible load and performance testing.

Stress Test your Website, Web-Apps, Mobile and API – Instantly

100% Managed Cloud

  • No need to manage your own 3rd party cloud accounts
  • Design a load test without the hassle of managing the hardware
  • Once your test is complete, you don’t have to worry about additional expense of maintaining the testing infrastructure

On-Demand Load Tests

  • Instantly spin up test machines with the most reliable cloud platforms including Google, Amazon and Rackspace
  • Only pay for what you use – no long term contract required, and server use is charged by the hour
  • 24/7 platform access and support.

Real Browser Testing

  • More precise than headless browser PhantomJS and Selenium IDE
  • Advanced scripting in over 40 desktop and mobile browsers
  • Chrome, IE, Android and iOS browsers show the actual performance of your website under load in real browsers.

Performance Testing with T&VS

Start with a full assessment, alongside clients we define a performance testing strategy to ensure your applications perform against requirements defined.

T&VS can deliver performance testing services either on your site, in our UK offices, offshore in our Indian test centres or using a blended model with part of the T&VS team onsite and the remainder offshore. Our testing and training service delivers real benefits for our customers, improving software quality with more predictable and faster development timescales, and reduced overall development costs. We achieve this through a combination of test and verification excellence combined with a powerful verification and test strategy developed from a track record of successful engagements and strong project management. We tailor our services to meet your business and project needs, delivering exceptional quality. We test while you develop.

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