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5 Ways Agile Testing Is Different from Traditional Testing

Agile testing was different in many ways from traditional software testing. The goal of an agile development team is to sustainably deliver new features with improved quality. Traditional testing practices optimize large, centralized testing but struggle to support the rapid delivery of agile development. This article from Sticky Minds describes why agile testing races ahead of traditional testing.

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Why automated testing plays a crucial role in agile development cycle?

Automation is a critical component to maintain agile, and is a priority for the entire team through established practices/disciplines and a focus on continuous improvement. If frequent high quality deployments are your goal, you have to work agile with an automated testing. This article describes how to create a sustainable architecture for automation which works well in agile development.

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What all needs to be known about agile testing?

The centre or focus in agile testing is laid on iterative development and delivery. It can be said that agile software development or testing is something that involves breaking projects into a series of regular and predictable iterations.

This article describes the overview of agile methodology for software development and outlines the advantages of agile software testing.

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The Keys to Agile Testing maturity

Agile testing is the practice of testing software for bugs or performance issues within the context of an agile workflow.This article describes how do you continuously adopt or monitor agile testing methodologies to improve the quality of test practices, faster time to market at reduced costs.

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Best Practices to review the flow of Agile Testing

Under legacy development approaches, testing was always pushed to the very last phase. Developers first had to create the code, and would then pass it to quality assurance teams for testing. However, by the time it got to QA, there often wasn’t enough time to thoroughly vet it.  This article from Zephyr describes how agile testing methodologies aim to be substantially more comprehensive to get the flow of this approach right.

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What Continuous Delivery Means for Testers, QA Teams and Software Quality

Continuous Delivery (CD) is a software engineering approach in which teams produce software in short cycles, ensuring that the software can be reliably released at any time. When delivering software continuously, testing needs to be continuous also. Software Consultant, Gurock, outlines the challenges of working in continuous delivery environment and also describes how to make testing continuous to build the quality in the entire development process.

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