Testing and Quality Assurance in Agile

An experienced tester should be able to coordinate all the testing activities like a senior developer holding the whole development process together.Building test frameworks takes time and experience that the development team don’t always have, and that test code is as valuable, if not more valuable than the application source code.Quality assurance helps to make sure that [...]

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Agile Standards

There were a lot of innovations going on within EDA companies. But most of the companies didn’t invest in new areas until there was a user demand. PSS is a language which can be used for performing verification and it works like system verilog. PSS can be used along with any custom solution which will [...]

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Test Automation by Functional Experts and SMEs for Continuous Testing in Agile and DevOps

In the recent years, there has been increase in the demand for test automation for continuous testing. So, the importance of functional experts and SMEs has also grown. Test automation method can be applied in agile and devOps. This article elaborates why test automation should be done for continuous testing in agile and devOps. Read [...]

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Can Agile Testing Help You Meet Your Continuous Testing Goals?

Agile testing has helped to generate extensive data and now even global companies also agree upon the growing benefits of agile testing. Short and frequent cycles, faster cycles and quicker turnaround time are the greatest highlights of agile testing. This article explains how agile testing helps to meet continuous testing goals. Read More Find out [...]

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Agile and DevOps or Agile VS DevOps: Differences

In today’s world, agile has been used as the standard in application development. The broad use of devops in agile methodology has increased the success rate in application development. This article outlines how agile and devOps are practically connected. Read More Find out how T&VS Software Testing services help you to meet your deadlines without [...]

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Agile? DevOps? What’s the Difference and Do You Have to Choose Between Them?

Agile methodology is a practise of continuous iteration of development and testing throughout the software development lifecycle. DevOps is a group of practises which promotes automation processes to build, test and launch the product in a fast and efficient manner. This article shows how agile is different from DevOps and what to choose. Read More [...]

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How to fit exploratory testing into an Agile project with no regrets?

This article highlights how a well-balanced combination of exploratory testing(ET) and formal testing prevents the team from falling into ET pitfalls and helps deliver a product of acceptable quality within the project time frame and budget. Read More Find out how T&VS Software Testing services help you to establish a cost-effective software testing facility that [...]

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A Simplified Agile Test Strategy for Cross-Environment Testing

Cross environment testing is viewed as a tedious and repetitive task and is generally a challenge to accommodate within an agile life cycle. This article explores how to simplify cross-environment testing and made it easy to accommodate within our tight agile sprints schedule and release plan. Read More Find out how T&VS Software Testing services [...]

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