The Importance of Unit Testing in Agile Projects?

The advancement in technology and rapid rise in the product development has changed the way we work. Agile methodology promotes adaptability, speed, and responsiveness and drives the entire app management process, from coding to testing. However, the agile development functions best when enriched with automated unit testing. This article focuses on the importance of automated unit [...]

2018-04-11T09:37:57+00:00 11th April, 2018|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Automation Testing for Agile Methodology

Ever since the agile methodology came on board with its founders shouting and willing to do away with the mundane and laborious realities of the traditional waterfall model, the impact of the same can be also felt when it comes to automation testing.This article explores how to automate in agile Methodology and explains the difference between [...]

2018-04-05T07:22:43+00:00 5th April, 2018|Blog, Thought Leadership|

The 3 Big C’s of Agile Development and Testing

The biggest hang up or resistance we see when it comes to agile development and digital transformation is that teams feel like they can’t do it quickly with the same quality they are used to. This is simply not true. To ensure success in a rapidly transforming marketplace, brands need to accelerate their time to [...]

2018-03-28T06:50:31+00:00 28th March, 2018|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Preventing Software Testing Congestion Is Important!

Not only should your software have efficient performance, your software testing also needs to be efficient to give you accurate data. This article from DZone highlights how communication, test management, and other testing practices play major roles in software testing congestions and summarizes the factors that affect the productivity of software testing which gives you [...]

2018-01-23T10:36:01+00:00 23rd January, 2018|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Overcoming Testing Challenges in Agile

With the increasing complexity of software development, many companies have started exploring the pros and cons of agile, and how it can help them deliver software quickly and iteratively. With more frequent transformations in technology than ever before, Quality Engineers and the testing they conduct cannot be left out of an agile transformation. This article [...]

2018-01-18T04:10:00+00:00 18th January, 2018|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Traditional vs. Agile Software Development Method: Which One is Right for Your Project?

Software development projects use several types of software development life cycle (SDLC)methodologies, depending on their nature and requirements, which basically define the way that the software development work is organized. The two main approaches are the traditional, waterfall method and the agile software development method. This article from DZone describes how are they different from each [...]

2018-01-02T12:49:47+00:00 2nd January, 2018|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Importance of Agile Testing in Application Development

Agile Methodology is a practice which helps promote iteration of development throughout the development life cycle of the particular project. When compared to waterfall model, agile testing is concurrent in both development and testing abilities. This article highlights the objectives, benefits and drawbacks of agile testing in application development. Read More

2017-12-07T06:58:47+00:00 7th December, 2017|Blog, Thought Leadership|

How to Implement Efficient Test Automation in the Agile World

Software development has transformed over time. Developers have gone from executing a project in the “waterfall” method to the “agile” method. As part of the agile methodology, software testing is carried out throughout the application lifecycle. This means that the detection of bugs happens much earlier on in the process, thereby giving a much wider [...]

2017-12-05T11:18:04+00:00 5th December, 2017|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Ways to Speed Up Your Testing Cycles

In the battle between speed vs quality, teams that practice test automation know that there’s a practical way to aim for both. This article explores how to speed up testing cycles to meet the needs of an agile development demands without skipping over essential steps. Read More Find out how T&VS Software Testing services help you to establish a cost-effective [...]

2017-11-29T10:26:00+00:00 29th November, 2017|Blog, Thought Leadership|
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