Implementing floating-point algorithms in FPGAs or ASICs

Floating-point is the most preferred data type to ensure high-accuracy calculations for algorithm modeling and simulation. This article explores how to implement floating-point algorithms in FPGAs or ASICs. Read More Check out T&VS services that help you know why FPGA technology is making new inroads as demands increase for better integration between hardware and software.

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Leveraging HLS/HLV flow for ASIC Design productivity

High-level Synthesis is an automated design process that lets hardware architects to build and verify hardware efficiently.  This article from SemiWiki describes how HLS/HLV methodology works efficiently at a higher level (C/C++/SystemC) and complements the RTL flow for ASIC design productivity. Read More Learn more about T&VS SystemC model for the Advanced Memory Subsystem

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A Prototyping with FPGA approach

Frank Schirrmeister, Group Director for Product Marketing at Cadence,explores the benefits of using FPGAs for ASIC Prototyping with the help of two abstraction levels (Transaction-level models (TLM) and Register transfer models (RTL)) and the factors that limit the growth of FPGA based prototyping. Read More

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ASIC Implementation of a Speech Detector IP-Core for Real-Time Speaker Verification

This article from Design and Reuse presents an IP core speech detector for real-time systems, focusing on identification of segments of silence or voice, used in pre-processing of input signals to Speaker Recognition and Verification Systems. The IP-core was designed to be able to be adapted to different environments of use and based on energy [...]

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TVS’ partnership with ELECTRA IC strengthens Turkish presence

PRESS RELEASE Bristol, UK, 24 November, 2014 – TVS, a leader in software test and hardware verification solutions, today announced its business partnership with ELECTRA IC. The Istanbul, Turkish-based design and verification services company has excellent synergy with TVS and the partnership creates opportunities for both companies to leverage their combined expertise to win and [...]

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TVS extends products and services into China in partnership with TopBrain Design Systems

PRESS RELEASE Bristol, UK, 8 July, 2014 – TVS, a leader in software test and hardware verification solutions, today announced it is continuing its international expansion through a partnership with TopBrain Design Systems. TopBrain is an advanced verification solutions provider for complex electronics design organisations and this partnership announcement formalises TopBrain as the official partner [...]

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