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TVS add Code Vulnerability Inspections to increase confidence in Application Security

Even when developers are following secure design principles and secure coding guidelines, mistakes are made. It is therefore recommended to perform automated code vulnerability scanning using a range of tools. The reports from these tools provide guidance on where vulnerabilities are most likely to exist.

This automated tool approach should be complemented with human expert code inspections to separate the true vulnerabilities from the false-positives, and also look for false-negatives the tools may have missed such as data encryption weaknesses bespoke to your applications and the context of their usage.

Security experts can then advise on remedial actions to apply and reinforce appropriate security controls, thereby preventing vulnerabilities from being exploited by threat agents.

The outcome should be an increased level of confidence that security risks are being identified and managed, rather than ignored or improperly handled.

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TVS Announces Penetration Test Training

Today TVS released the details of their Penetration test training. With increasing concern regarding security of websites and applications, TVS is helping clients to secure their products and penetration testing is a key part of that service.

Three training courses are currently offered by TVS:

  • Web Penetration Testing ‘Expert’ Training Course – An Advanced Course
  • The Tester Security Training Package – A One-day Introduction
  • The Developer Security Training Package – A One-day Introduction

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TVS offer Penetration Testing Services

The TVS asureSECURE team today announced the availability of tailored penetration testing and vulnerability assessment services for both Web Applications and Mobile Applications.

A TVS Penetration Test simulates an attack on web applications. The TVS team will thoroughly search for exploitable vulnerabilities to determine the realistic threats to your data confidentiality, integrity, and availability. This testing mimics the actions of malicious attackers exploiting weaknesses in the applications, without actually causing the harm they would.

The TVS penetration tests satisfy the compliance requirements of ISO 27000, HIPAA, PCI:DSS and NIST.

TVS offers 2 types of pen test

  • External penetration testing is performed without prior knowledge of the internal structure/design/implementation of the system being tested.
  • Internal penetration testing is performed with knowledge of the internal structure/design/implementation of the system being tested. The major difference to external penetration testing is the tester doesn’t need to spend time discovering the architecture of the system and therefore works from the point when an initial intrusion has occurred to discover if that can be escalated into breaches.

TVS companies to produce products that are reliable, safe and secure so the pen test service is a natural extension.

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TVS adds asureSECURE application security services


Bristol, UK, 14 August 2014 – TVS, a leader in software test and hardware verification solutions, today announced a strategic expansion in its services with the addition of a new application security business arm. asureSECURE™ will provide consultancy, coaching and testing services that address the need for developing security aware applications that are self-protecting against cyber-attacks when the network boundary is breached.

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