Giant Auto Industry Disruption Ahead

Autonomous vehicles are causing fundamental shifts across several established industry segments tied to automotive, opening up big opportunities for chips and tools. This article from Semiengineering explores why the move to self-driving vehicles over the next decade or so will result in a massive restructuring of entire segments of the global economy that have evolved [...]

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What Are the Safety Features in Autonomous Cars?

Autonomous cars are still making their way into the automotive marketplace, but they are becoming more and more common every year. Experts are estimating that more autonomous cars on the road will reduce accidents by up to 90 percent, saving of potential lives every year. This article describes what makes autonomous cars so much safer, and [...]

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Where the software meets the road: Certifying the safety of self-driving cars

The automotive industry is facing one of its biggest challenges in decades, namely developing wholly or partially self-driving vehicles that are safe for the mass market. This article describes what can the auto industry do to face this safety-certification challenge as they develop self-driving automobiles. Read More Learn more about how T&VS Automotive Verification and [...]

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Protecting Automotive Systems with A Root of Trust

As our cars become more connected and autonomous, we depend on them to entertain us, connect seamlessly to our phones, help keep us in our proper driving lane, and more. The increasingly interconnected nature of a vehicle’s control modules means there is no safety without security. This article explores why it is necessary to secure [...]

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Self-driving cars: A vision for safety

The auto industry is moving full throttle toward a time when cars drive themselves. This article highlights how safe are self-driving cars and outlines whether self-driving vehicles are safer than those piloted by humans. Read More Learn more about how T&VS Automotive Verification and Test solutions help to address the challenges of delivering safe, secure [...]

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Autonomous Cars and the Brain-Computer Interface

This article explores how organizations are bridging the gap between brain and machine with revolutionary new interfaces and autonomous cars and describes an approach on how to control a real car with brain signals using brain computer interface which is connected to our autonomous car. Read More Learn more about how T&VS Automotive Verification and [...]

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Reshaping Automotive Design

The entire automotive ecosystem is being reshaped by vehicle electrification, assisted and autonomous driving, and the connectivity needed to make it all work. Conflicting goals, evolving standards and the need for new methods and tools make this an interesting market for chipmakers. This article explores how the automotive industry is reshaping an enormous ecosystem that [...]

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Autonomous Vehicles Upending Automotive Design Process

Autonomous and driverless vehicle technology presents automotive designers and vehicle manufacturers with a completely new and radical approach to the way in which vehicles are designed. This article explores how the autonomous vehicles are upending the automotive design process. Read More Learn more about how T&VS Automotive Verification and Test solutions help to address the [...]

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The software development lifecycle continues as long as connected cars are on the street

Connecting cars to the internet brings a host of new convenience, entertainment and safety features to consumers, but this connectivity also opens up cars to remote hackers. Automakers and their suppliers are struggling to adapt their hardware and software architectures, their code and their processes to deal with this new threat to automobiles. This article [...]

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The Road to Autonomous Driving Is Paved with New Opportunities for Chip Companies

The migration from human-driven to self-driven vehicles over the years provides the semiconductor industry with new opportunities. Enabling truly autonomous vehicles in the near future requires all-new chips and subsystems that are designed specifically for this purpose. This article explores how autonomous vehicles are driving the opportunities for the semiconductor industry while meeting the requirements [...]

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