Getting To Automotive Grade

This article from Semiengineering discusses about the amount of activity surrounding automotive semiconductor design. Today design teams want to know how to approach designs for a market they may not yet be intimately familiar with. EDA vendors are very quickly ramping tools and services to help them get there.As chips have gotten more complex, more tests have [...]

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Securing the Insecure: Security Challenges Posed by the Internet of Things

Today, many companies have deployed internet of things in healthcare, automotive and various other industries. This IoT deployment can help to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs. But the most significant challenge they face is the security of IoT devices. These challenges differ from those present in more conventional technology infrastructures. Such challenges can have serious [...]

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4 obstacles to IoT adoption & how to fix them

IoT applications has made a major impact on industries like automotive, healthcare, etc. At the same time, there are problems in the applications of IoT technologies. The major problem faced is security issues regarding IoT devices. There are also various other problems like compatibility issues, technical and financial issues and implementation issues. This article elaborates [...]

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FPGAs Drive Deeper into Cars

As the electronic content continues to grow, the application of FPGAs in the cars also has increased. It helps to build a base for the future technologies. Automotive industry has made hurdles for chipmakers. In addition to trimming the cost of chips, they should also comply with rigorous standards. This article explains how FPGAs play [...]

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How Automotive Connectivity (IoT) Is Fuelling the Future

The automotive technology is growing day-by-day and the industry depends upon IoT for rapid growth. Due to the fast growth, technology is competing itself to provide the best user experience. This helps to redefine existing technology and provide driving experience that is beyond the imagination. This article discusses about what impact does automotive connectivity is [...]

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How Automotive Connectivity (IoT) Is Fueling the Future

The concept of connected cars is providing huge opportunities for designers, app developers, and web developers. This article highlights about the future of IoT & autonomous cars and describes the major strides and advancements in the automotive industry. Read More Learn more about how T&VS Automotive Verification and Test solutions help to address the challenges of [...]

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Functional Safety is a Driving Topic for ISO 26262

Functional Safety in the present world is entirely different from the olden days. After the advent of ISO 26262 which defines the standard for automotive electronic system safety, functional safety has changed a lot. Functional safety plays a pivotal role in the automotive industry. This article describes how functional safety became a driving topic for [...]

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The dangers of connected cars

Connected, autonomous vehicles are around the corner. Securing the connected, smart and increasingly autonomous cars of tomorrow against hackers and online criminals is a daunting task.This article explains the threat facing connected autonomous vehicles and outlines the tips to overcome connected car security challenges. Read More Learn more about how T&VS Automotive Verification and Test [...]

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Tech Weighs Heavy on Automotive Trends In 2018

The road ahead for the automotive industry will be paved with technology and high-connectivity. In the years to come, automakers will be doubling down on their bet that the IoT will continue to be the source of next-generation innovation for the auto business. This article describes how the technology is weighing heavy on automotive trends [...]

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