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A European Twist on DVCon

DVCon has been running in Silicon Valley since 1988 but is now going on the road, arriving in Munich, Germany on October 14th and 15th 2014, where it will receive a European makeover. In anticipation, I’ve talked to a number of key people involved to find out what the European slant on DVCon will be.

Accellera Systems Initiative is a sponsor of DVCon who provide design and verification standards including IP-XACT, SystemC, SystemVerilog, UPF, UCIS and UVM. This gives DVCon Europe a strong technical theme and thus a great place for engineers to network.

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White Paper: Reaping the Benefits of Effective Verification in Avionics Compliance (DO-178C)

jim-thomas-webIn this article, Jim Thomas, Director of Software Testing at T&VS discusses the verification techniques that can benefit those seeking compliance to Avionics certification standards – where many organisations developing avionics software still suffer from poor verification practices. They get their software through certification in the end but by failing to employ effective verification they waste the opportunity to improve their software quality while at the same time meeting their delivery schedules and actually reducing development costs.

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