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The Cybersecurity Concerns of Driverless Cars

An autonomous vehicle is what’s known as a cyber-physical system because it has elements in both the physical and virtual worlds. This makes security particularly challenging. Not only are they at risk from traditional cyber-attacks to the information and running of the vehicle, but also to a new breed of attacks around things such as ransomware and vehicle theft. This article examines the privacy and cyber security issues concerning driverless cars.

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The Internet of Things Will Be Even More Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

As the number of internet-connected devices rises, the IoT has become a greater presence across in every industry. However, in the rush to get involved in the trend, most of the device manufacturers have released products with poor security, which in turn have been breached for malicious purposes including ransomware and cyber-attacks.

This article explains how IoT devices remain vulnerable to cyber-attacks and describes how to protect connected IoT devices and appliances from cyber-attacks and threats.

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