How loT is influencing a new cybersecurity era

The application of internet of things (IoT) in consumer and industrial markets have helped to bring positive changes in people’s lives. Most of the companies are heavily investing in IoT to improve their product features. At the same time, they are also investing in IoT security. The biggest challenges faced by companies while deploying IoT [...]

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Why, When and How Often Should You Pen Test?

Penetration testing is one of the significant practises in cybersecurity which is designed to examine security defences. Pen test identifies possible security holes, vulnerabilities and provide information that can help security teams mitigate vulnerabilities. If the pen test is poorly designed, it can cause severe damage to the company. The appropriate time to test a [...]

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Cybersecurity for Internet of Medical Things | A big challenge for healthcare innovators

Introduction of IoT to healthcare is one of the biggest innovations in the last decade. IoT has helped healthcare industry to grow rapidly. Now people can expect the most advanced and effective services from the healthcare industry. This technology helps to access patient’s data from anywhere in the world. This article shows how much important [...]

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IoT Security Issues and Risks

One of the major cybersecurity challenges faced today is the security of IoT devices. IoT is one of the biggest breakthrough in technology industry which influences daily life. IoT has affected various industries like education, healthcare, automotive industry, etc. This article shows what are the various types of IT risks in IoT security. Read More [...]

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Is Penetration Testing Need of The Hour for Ensuring Cybersecurity?

Today, it is more critical than ever to find and overcome system and network loopholes. This article explains why penetration testing is an ideal way for enterprises to assess their existing security systems, identify gaps and locate the right solutions and outlines why effective penetration testing is required to ensure cybersecurity. Read More Understand how T&VS [...]

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What is Penetration Testing? A Look at The Security Tactic You Should Never Skip

When you think about network and cybersecurity, you’re probably considering of all the ways businesses try to keep bad guys out of a network. Building up the defenses around a network can create deterrents for hacker’s measures that slow them down but aren’t guaranteed to keep them out.Penetration testing takes a different, more offensive tack. This article describes [...]

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IoT: The ransomware threat, How IoT could usher in the net wave of ransomware, and how to prevent it

IoT's integration into the world of business, along with the evolution of ransomware, creates the perfect storm for a cybersecurity arms race. IoT ushers in a raft of new network-connected devices, each one a potential entry point for malicious attacks, particularly when there is still a lack of established security standards around IoT. This article [...]

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New Security Technologies for New IoT Threats

Security is the biggest risk factor when incorporating IoT technology into your business. Knowing how to assess the ability of cybersecurity technologies to handle the ever-changing threat landscape facing industry is critical to making the right technology decisions. This article highlights how to integrate security into the IoT strategy and describes a hybrid approach to [...]

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Hospitals continue to value healthcare cybersecurity patient safety

Hospital leaders prioritize patient safety and healthcare cybersecurity, while vendors place big data analytics and interoperability as key considerations. This article examines how the improved health IT tools could help prevent data breaches and even reduce medical errors and outlines how hospitals are honing in on healthcare cybersecurity and data privacy needs. ReadMore Learn more [...]

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Five Tips for securing your IoT devices

The adoption and use of IoT is progressing at a tremendous pace. However, IoT adoption and growth are not guaranteed. There are significant, hidden security vulnerabilities that exist in IoT devices that must be addressed before we can expect the predicted growth rates. This article summarizes the key tips to improve your organization’s cybersecurity while minimizing your [...]

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