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The Hardest Part of DO-254 is. . .

The hardest part of DO-254 is the cultural change that needs to take place in order for the organization to successfully comply to DO-254 which can be the make or break of the project. This article from EDACafe describes the hardest part of DO-254.

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Join T&VS Requirements Management & DO-254 training to understand the common pitfalls in DO-254 projects, and how it can be avoided.

Complex Signal Processing Verification under DO-254 Constraints

Building a complex signal processing function requires a deep understanding of the signal characteristics and of the different algorithms and their performances. This article from Mentor Graphics describes a combined requirement and metric driven methodology for the verification of a complex signal processing SoC block under DO-254 constraints.

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Find out how T&VS advanced verification techniques helps to verify complex signal processing under DO-254 compliance flow.

Flying High with Verification Standard for Design Reliability

In this article Graham Bell, Vice president of Marketing, outlines how HDL coding standards must be documented in DO-254 projects, and that any code must be reviewed to ensure that it follows the standard RTCA/DO-254, Design Assurance Guidance For Airborne Electronic Hardware.

This blog addresses  the following issues:

  • Catching potential design problems in HDL code that may not normally surface until later in the process and may not be caught by other verification activities.
  • Supporting error detection, containment and recovery mechanisms.
  • Enforcing style and readability practices to improve code comprehension, portability, and reviews.

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TVS’ partnership with ELECTRA IC strengthens Turkish presence


Bristol, UK, 24 November, 2014 – TVS, a leader in software test and hardware verification solutions, today announced its business partnership with ELECTRA IC. The Istanbul, Turkish-based design and verification services company has excellent synergy with TVS and the partnership creates opportunities for both companies to leverage their combined expertise to win and operate projects in Turkey.

Operating in the areas of ASIC, FPGA, PCB and IP/VIP, ELECTRA IC has experience in working with global, multinational companies, working on consumer, automotive, mobile connectivity (WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS) and defence projects since 1995. The company is strong in project management, especially working on DO-254* projects that require first class management and tracing skills. ELECTRA IC also has vast remote team working experience working with global giants such as Alcatel, Northern Telecom, ST, ST-Ericsson and Ericsson.

Complementing its new partner, TVS has expertise in HW/SW test and verification and VIP solutions, and its asureSIGNTM products with respect to DO-254 are particularly apt within the partnership and its expected theatre of operation. Continue reading

Grant awarded to TVS to extend its asureSIGN requirements and verification management tool for the aerospace industry


Bristol, UK, 24 July, 2014 -Test and Verification Solutions (TVS), a leader in software test and hardware verification solutions, has received a prestigious grant from the National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme (NATEP) in the UK. Following a shortlisting of proposals and a formal presentation of its asureSIGN™ concept to a NATEP assessment panel, a TVS-led team has been awarded the grant to extend its asureSIGN requirements and verification management tool technology for the aerospace sector.

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