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Security Testers Should Think like Hackers

It is a common belief that testers should think like end users by going beyond the defined requirements, seeing if the application under test addresses end-user expectations, and evaluating how it fares against competition.With security testing, testers must think not only like the end-users, but more importantly like the intruding users-the hackersand what they might [...]

2018-04-03T07:17:20+00:003rd April, 2018|Blog, Thought Leadership|

5 Ways Hackers Can Breach Your Company Undetected

Security breaches are, quite unfortunately, a common presence in corporate environments. Even companies making effective use of the most recent security solutions such as next generation firewalls, advanced threat protection and security incident are not an exception. There are several ways you may be breached and not know about it.This article summarizes the practical examples [...]

2018-03-12T11:47:36+00:0012th March, 2018|Blog, Thought Leadership|