How Secure is Your System?

Mark Handover, Applications Engineer at Mentor Graphics, recently spoke on how to exhaustively prove the integrity of the hardware root of trust with your RTL and a clear text, human and machine readable Tcl script to specify the critical storage and allowed access paths at the DVClub Europe Conference, “Verifying Hardware Security” 8 March 2016. The [...]

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Leveraging Exhaustive Formal Analysis for Security Verification

Hardware security verification must assure complete confidence that all potential vulnerabilities have been examined. The use of formal technology as a basis for security verification provides an exhaustive approach that, if guided correctly, will ensure complete verification coverage. David Kelf, VP Marketing at OneSpin Solutions, discussed a solution that provides the correct guidance to a [...]

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Securing Smart Systems

Achieving good platform security is difficult and requires an underlying hardware root of trust. Paul Elliott of Embedded Security Solutions, presented on how to secure smart systems at the DVClub Europe Conference-“Verifying Hardware Security” on 8 March 2016. You can view the Slides here

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Presentation Slides of DVClub Europe -“Verifying Hardware Security”, 8 March 2016 are now available!

T&VS organized a European DVClub on 8 March 2016 with a focus on “Verifying Hardware Security”.  Speakers were from  Mentor Graphics, OneSpinSolutions, and Embedded Security Solutions and the presentations are now available on the T&VS website Embedded Security Solutions, Paul Elliott Securing Smart Systems OneSpin Solutions, David Kelf (VP Marketing) Leveraging Exhaustive Formal Analysis for [...]

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