The Role of Internet of Things in the Healthcare Industry

In healthcare, IoT has been gaining popularity rapidly since its inception into the IT world.The primary purpose of IoT technology in healthcare is to connect doctors with patients through a smart device, without restrictions. This article explains significance of IoT and what is the role of IoT in healthcare industry. Read More Learn more about [...]

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How IoT is improving the healthcare industry

In healthcare industry, internet of things (IoT) has made the biggest impact. IoT has helped to improve the quality of healthcare services and provide the best medical treatment to the patients. IoT is improving individual health through IoT apps and monitoring that provide people more knowledge and control over their daily health. This article discusses [...]

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How to Protect Against New Mobility and IoT Security Threats in Healthcare

Today, many companies have deployed internet of things in healthcare, automotive and various other industries. In healthcare, with the wealth of personal health information stored by healthcare organizations, they can be the primary target for hackers. Cybercriminals are still exploiting old and unstable infrastructure in the healthcare sector to extract data for financial gain and [...]

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Safer Healthcare IoT Infrastructure in 7 Steps

IoT devices offer remarkable benefits to the healthcare industry. These devices help to improve the quality of services, staff effectiveness and reduces the costs. Connected devices not only brings benefits, but it also brings security issues with them. Healthcare institutions are trying their maximum to protect their devices from outside attacks. To secure the devices, [...]

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Optimising the care pathway: a vision of connected healthcare delivery

Healthcare industry has entered digitisation with the help of internet of things. Connecting patients for a better hospital experience, connecting healthcare professionals to ensure continuity of care and access to patient data, and connecting healthcare facilities to harness the power of the internet of things – these are the ultimate aims of the healthcare industry. [...]

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Healthcare and the Internet of Things

Internet of things has changed the face of healthcare industry. Continuous technology developments are helping to improve some medical processes, ease the workflow of healthcare practitioners and improve the situation in an overloaded hospital. Societies are expecting robust healthcare services and healthcare facilities are facing many challenges to meet the expectations. This article outlines how [...]

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How Internet of Things (IoT) Technology is Used in Healthcare

Healthcare industry has been relishing the benefits of IoT long before people have heard the term IoT. The technology has many applications in pursuit of keeping patients safe and healthy, and healthcare is an industry which loves to explore and adopt new innovations. Hospitals and other patient healthcare facilities are finding multiple uses for IoT [...]

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IoT in Healthcare: How Medical Facilities Can Take Advantage of New Tech

Introduction of IoT has changed the face of the world. In healthcare industry, IoT is playing a pivotal role in improving the quality of medical services. Lack of specialists, increasing workloads and outdated systems called for the introduction of game-changing technology and IoT exactly became that technology. This article explains how IoT is affecting healthcare [...]

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