IoT Security in Different Sectors

The application of internet of things (IoT) in various sectors have helped to bring positive changes in people’s lives. The most benefitted sectors by IoT are industry, healthcare, retail and government. IoT has helped these sectors to enter new markets. Most of the companies are heavily investing in IoT to improve their product features. At [...]

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IoT Security: Why Experts Are Scared — And What You Can Do to Protect Yourself

Despite the technology risks, it is predicted that the consumers will possess twice the number of IoT devices than today in the near future. IoT is considered notorious for having weak security and cyber criminals are definitely aware of this vulnerability. In order to meet the market demands, companies are launching their products even though [...]

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IoT security – A barrier to deployment?

For the development and deployment of IoT, security is the most important factor which should be considered. Security plays a role in decision making and end user confidence in deploying IoT services. Lack of standardization also stand as a barrier in IoT deployment. More security policies are required to improve IoT security. This article explains [...]

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10 Steps to Strengthen Your IoT Security

When the number of IoT devices increases, more vulnerabilities are available for the hackers to exploit. Internet of things is increasing in such a way that it is the next industrial revolution. But the biggest challenge for the companies is to secure the devices. There are various ways to secure IoT devices. This article shows [...]

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10 tips to minimize IoT security vulnerabilities

With the rapid development of the IoT, more and more small devices are connected into the internet for monitoring and control purposes. These connected devices however, would pose serious security problems if their vulnerabilities were not carefully investigated. This article summarizes the tips that can help you avoid the most common mistakes that business IT [...]

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Trust and then verify your IoT security

In the IoT environment, there are constant attempts to mischievously or maliciously disrupt or gain control. Ensuring that your system only runs authentic firmware and has the capability to securely verify updates and downloads prior to acceptance is a basic need you need to nail down. Without this, your system is not secure and vulnerable [...]

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Cybersecurity Threats in the Age of IoT

Cyber security has become one of the most talked about issues in recent times due to the massive amounts of hacking stories. With billions of hackable devices using outdated security technology, coupled with a lack of consumer and business awareness, the IoT is the world’s greatest cyber security threat. The pervasiveness of IoT comes with [...]

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