The Internet of Things in smart city development

A smart city is one that uses data and technology to better serve the needs of the public, which promotes economic development in a sustainable way to improve infrastructure. IoT and smart cities are on a journey to transform modern life. This article describes what are the steps in the evolution of networks and IoT [...]

2018-04-23T05:32:22+00:00 23rd April, 2018|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Things Devs Should Embrace with the Rise of IoT

IoT is still relatively young, and app developers have just started to adopt it. Mobile app developers need be prepared for a world driven by an immense number of IoT devices and work to deliver their efforts for creating customized products across physical or simulated devices. This article summarizes the key current trends that IoT [...]

2018-04-20T05:43:24+00:00 20th April, 2018|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Time to take a more proactive approach to IoT security

Today, there are more than eight billion IoT devices in the market today. More devices mean more vulnerabilities. As these devices become more elaborate over the next few years, cybersecurity efforts must also intensify. This article summarizes the key steps to protect your network from rising IoT challenges. Read More Find out how T&VS IoT [...]

2018-04-19T09:24:11+00:00 19th April, 2018|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Challenges and changes: A look at today’s healthcare IoT

In recent years, the IoT has drastically improving patient care in the healthcare industry. These devices are allowing doctors and treatment facilities to track real-time data feedback more intensely than ever.However, these innovations can also pose a significant risk to enterprise security efforts. This article highlights why has healthcare struggling to make IoT safe and [...]

2018-04-18T06:28:10+00:00 18th April, 2018|Blog, Thought Leadership|

The incredible opportunities and risks of the Internet of Things

The IoT is promising a whole new market of opportunities and there is growing awareness of its potential challenges. Until we have a clearer understanding of these risks, we must rely on programmed testing to develop knowledge and to support overall security. This article highlights what are most significant risks that need to be aware [...]

2018-04-17T06:06:53+00:00 17th April, 2018|Blog, Thought Leadership|

How Does a IoT based Home Automation System Work?

The IoT based home automation system aims to control all the devices of your smart home through internet protocols or cloud-based computing. Thus, IoT based home automation system consist of a servers and sensors. These servers are remote servers located on internet which help you to manage and process the data without the need of [...]

2018-04-13T08:03:46+00:00 13th April, 2018|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Best practices for IoT security

Given the massive scope and breadth of IoT-based infrastructures, organizations need to bring their security programs to a whole new level to reap the benefits of the IoT. This article summarizes the best practices that helps to ensure the strong security for IoT and IIoT industry. Read More Find out how T&VS IoT services helps [...]

2018-04-10T09:31:53+00:00 10th April, 2018|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Securing IoT Devices in the Increasingly Connected Hospital System

Knowing the network connection method and having good storage practices are key for providers as they work on securing IoT devices. This article focuses on the security strategies for IoHT and outlines how to secure IoT devices in the increasingly connected hospital system. Read More Learn more about how T&VS IoT driven connected healthcare services [...]

2018-04-10T09:25:49+00:00 10th April, 2018|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Mobile and IoT drive better outcomes in healthcare

Healthcare organizations are increasingly adopting IoT to improve patient experiences and outcomes. However, with IoT comes a new series of challenges, including data management and security. Proper ongoing management allows healthcare organizations to capitalize on the benefits of IoT and provide a successful, secure and seamless experience for patients and their healthcare providers. This article explores how [...]

2018-04-09T10:48:06+00:00 9th April, 2018|Blog, Thought Leadership|
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