The Importance of Device Security in IoT Ecosystems

The deployment of internet of things (IoT) in various sectors have helped to bring positive changes in people’s lives. The most benefited sectors by IoT are industry, healthcare, retail and government. The expansion of usage of IoT devices within not only the consumer, but also the commercial management space, is now becoming beyond belief. For devices [...]

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Auto companies are using cognitive IoT technologies to make cars safer

Automobile companies have been working towards developing self-driving cars, which rely heavily on cognitive IoT for safety. Without any doubt, the biggest concern for all companies and governments has been car crashes. However, with the latest IoT technologies are helping big companies make safer cars. With the help of IoT, automobile industry is able to [...]

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Living on the edge: IoT is the future, and security is playing catch-up

Now-a-days, the application of IoT has helped many companies to improve the quality of their products and services. IoT devices can store, process and transmit data to back-end systems for analysis. Since the number of IoT devices has increased, the demand for se protocol curing these devices has also increased. The connectivity of devices helps [...]

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What Every Executive Needs to Understand About IoT Security Architectures

Businesses are growing day by day and are increasingly becoming a part of highly connected world. IoT has not only helped to connect PCs and mobile devices but also machines used for business purposes. Now it is very important to secure these devices from outside attacks. Thus, the significance of IoT security has increased. There [...]

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IIoT Edge Is A Moving Target

IoT technology is growing and getting smarter every day. The application of IoT technology in the industry sector helped to improve the performance and production level of the companies. The technology in chips are being improvised in such a way that changes in the process can be made easily in the future. The promise of [...]

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IoT-Enabled Platform for Planning and Designing of Smart Cities Infrastructure Part – I

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become an important keyword which explains how technology is currently being entrenched in smart cities and evolving the way in which business is conducted. IoT promises major technology development that will transform vertical industrial productivity, innovation and new business opportunities. With application of IoT, it is clear that cities [...]

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Emergence of IoT in automotive space

Over the past few years, it’s becoming impossible to overlook the truly massive rise around IoT. IoT has taken automotive industry to the next level. For most individuals, they don’t exactly think about a car as a supercomputer on wheels. With the help of advanced sensors will be capable of real-time alerting, vehicle manufacturers are now [...]

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IoT gets smarter but still needs backend analytics

IoT technology is getting smarter every day. So, there are a large array of less sophisticated endpoints which are mindlessly sending individual data points to an edge device within the company premises or to a data centre. IoT endpoints are getting closer and closer to the ability to do their own analysis which leads to [...]

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Top 5 IoT Testing Strategies for Digital Transformation

Many companies are on the expedition to stimulate business and marketing activities and offer an incredible product and customer experience. Similarly, IoT’s rapidly evolving technologies have driven innovative commotions at a high-speed. Technology is restructuring the world eternally and watching the growth rate of the IoT technology. It has become essential for all the digital [...]

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IoMT: A pulse on the internet of medical things

IoT devices have started to become a part of people’s lives. Internet of Things (IoT) have been beneficial for many industries. Healthcare is one of those industries which is highly benefited by IoT. Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) has helped to improve the quality of medical services to the patients. The major factors which caused [...]

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