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The Ethics of IoT Usage in Healthcare

The use of IoT technologies in healthcare offer a tremendous range of possibilities, but it needs to be implemented thoughtfully to ensure pitfalls are avoided. This article provides an invaluable overview of some of these pitfalls, and how they might be avoided and examines some of the ethical considerations when using IoT in the healthcare industry.

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Securing Your Future with IoT Security Testing

The concept of the IoT aims at connecting physical objects to the internet and allows them to provide different services to communicate among various objects. IoT aims at connecting each device to provide a universal connectivity. As these devices become more vital to our lives, the need to secure them is rising at a growing pace. This article highlights howto ensure your devices and IoT apps are secure.

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The Potential and Challenges for Internet of Things in Healthcare

IoT has considerable potential for the healthcare sector and could contribute to major advancements. This article describes how IoT is transforming the medical device space and outlines how medical device companies can harness the IoT’s potential and the challenges it faces.

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The role retailers should play in driving IoT security certification standards

IoT devices have fundamentally changed the way both businesses and consumers function. This article highlights why it is necessary for retailers to establish a security certification of approval for IoT devices to address potential vulnerabilities before any trouble can rise and outlines why retailers need to form close alliances with manufacturers to make IoT devices as secure as possible throughout the entire product lifecycle.

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Cybersecurity Threats in the Age of IoT

Cyber security has become one of the most talked about issues in recent times due to the massive amounts of hacking stories. With billions of hackable devices using outdated security technology, coupled with a lack of consumer and business awareness, the IoT is the world’s greatest cyber security threat. The pervasiveness of IoT comes with its own set of cyber security challenges.  This article explores how IoT is changing the cyber security landscape.

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What is the Industrial IoT? And why the stakes are so high

The Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, connects machines and devices in industries such as transportation, power generation, and healthcare. The potential is high and so are the risks. This article explores how the industrial internet of things is different from IoT and outlines what are businesses doing with the industrial IoT.

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How to Secure Your Smart Home

With smart home tech and IoT devices proliferating in homes and businesses across the country, the security of these devices is as crucial as the smartphones and laptops that contain our most sensitive information, whether it’s individual privacy or the potential of these devices to be used in large-scale hacks against businesses and the very infrastructure of the internet. This article outlines the ways on how to secure your smart home devices.

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Meeting the Internet of Medical Things’ Demands for Networking

More connected medical devices are coming online every day, reshaping the way that healthcare networks are designed, used and secured. This article explores why IoT networks increase complexity for medical networks and describes how to build out IoT infrastructure requirements which help to ensure the security in medical network.

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IoT Security: How Can I Save My Data?

IoT has become an evident part of our lives, and its security must be addressed by the entire tech community which helps us revolutionize technology and make it more beneficial towards our lives as a whole. This article highlights how does IoT security work and how it is beneficial towards our lives and describes how to secure and protect IoT devices and data.

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What Are the Safety Features in Autonomous Cars?

Autonomous cars are still making their way into the automotive marketplace, but they are becoming more and more common every year. Experts are estimating that more autonomous cars on the road will reduce accidents by up to 90 percent, saving of potential lives every year. This article describes what makes autonomous cars so much safer, and what are the newest safety features that have been implemented in these vehicles.

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