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How to rev up your load testing in 3 steps

Increasingly, organizations are investing in a performance-testing strategy. But traditional performance-testing tools, including those for load testing and stress testing, have not evolved with the growing needs of their practitioners. This article shows how load testing can be improved and meet the expectations of the practitioners. Read More Find out how T&VS Software Testing services help you [...]

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5 Strategies for Better, More Reliable Load Testing

Load testing is a type of software testing which is used to examine the behavior of a system when subjected to both normal and extreme expected load conditions. Load testing helps to validate a system’s capacity. This article outlines how to effectively implement load testing to the systems and applications. Read More Find out how T&VS Software Testing [...]

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Don’t Be Afraid to Start Load Testing

Load testing is a testing process which measures the performance of a system when it has higher demand. It helps to measure the quality, reliability, availability and scalability of the product. The main aim of this process is to improve the software speed and quality. Great load testing delves into questions about performance, gathering evidence [...]

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The Difference Between Load And Performance Testing

In the programming world, one of the important questions discussed is the differences between load testing and performance testing. Some developers deeply believe that there are some unique differences between the two. Load testing is done to evaluate the performance of the product with higher loads and see how it is handled. Performance testing is [...]

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For Great Performance, Rethink Your Load Testing

To improve the quality and performance of the product, the testers should conduct load testing very efficiently. The future changes and improvements depend upon the results of load testing. It helps to evaluate the performance of the product in adverse conditions. Future load testing depends upon the accurate analysis of the factors of the test [...]

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Website Load Testing: 7 Best Practices

A website helps to show the quality of the company. It holds the key for any business ROI. It is very important for the success of the brand and as well as happiness of the customers. A fast website helps to attract customers and do business on the website. It is important to be ready [...]

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Understanding the Importance & Place of Load Testing in the Software Development Lifecycle

Load Testing is a performance-related testing process that places simulated demand on software, web or mobile applications in order to measure responses and systems’ behavior under both normal and anticipated peak load conditions.  This article from Neotys describes how to perform effective load testing on a web or mobile applications and how to incorporate load testing into [...]

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