Is Manual Testing Needed?

With the rise in popularity of automation testing, the use of manual testing has been affected. Now-a-days, only automation tests are applied in the testing process. But still there is importance for manual testing. Manual testing can be used for evaluating the results of automation testing. Thus, manual tests can contribute to improve the automation [...]

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The Place of Manual Testing in DevOps

In today’s digital world, there is a need for speed and change for enterprises. DevOps has helped to enable this change and increase speed of time-to-market. DevOps helped to transform testing process and daily testing routines. This article outlines what is the position or role of manual testing in devOps. Read More Find out how [...]

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At What Point Will Automation Take Over Manual Testing?

This article from Techwell highlights the value of test automation on a regular basis by predicting the death of manual testing and outlines what will it take for automation to eventually take over manual testing. Read More Find how T&VS Test Automation Services enables organisations to increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and coverage of their software [...]

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Reasons why your software/App needs manual testing

Manual testing is the hidden crunch without which a solution cannot be successfully launched in the market. Automated testing can speed up the process and is often seen as a replacement for manual testing. However, manual testing still has a critical role in the QA process. No matter how much automated testing evolves, there will always [...]

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What Is the Difference Between Automated and Manual Testing? Uses and Application

When it comes to software testing, automated testing and manual testing are the two methods of software testing and both are crucial for software development. This article highlights the difference between when to use automated and manual testing which can help you choose the right testing approach that will save your time and give you [...]

2018-01-30T07:44:35+00:0030th January, 2018|Blog, Thought Leadership|

7 Reasons why your Software/App needs Manual Testing

As software applications get ever more complex and intertwined with the large number of devices, it is more important to have a robust testing methodology for ensuring that software systems being developed have been fully tested without any errors. Although we can automate most of our testing, there are some defects that will only be found through [...]

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Software Testing Trends for 2018 and Beyond

The software testing community has experienced the exciting year of 2017 with many trends taking shape. This article offers the bold predictions of trends such as DevOps adoption, combined automated and manual testing, and more in the next few years. Read More Find out how T&VS Software Testing services help you to establish a cost-effective [...]

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Automated and Manual Tests: What Are the Differences and When Should You Use Each?

Automated testing and manual testing are two primary methods of software testing and both of them are crucial for software development. Each of them has its own benefits and disadvantages, which depends on many factors such as budget, timeline, and the number of testers. This article explores the advantages and disadvantages of each type of [...]

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Automated test and Manual test- What are the differences and When should you use?

When it comes to software testing, automated testing and manual testing are the two methods of software testing and both of them are crucial for software development. For the manual testing, tester must sit in front of screens and go through the them. In contrast, automated testing is much more effective for tester as test [...]

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