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How to Verify MIPI Protocols

The MIPI M-PHY is a serial communication protocol for use in mobile systems where performance, power, and efficiency are key criteria. It is the foundation for several upper layer protocols which manage complex data transfer functions. Every protocol is optimized for its particular purpose, such as data storage, data transfer, display, camera, memory sharing, and [...]

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MIPI UniPro: Major Differentiating Features, Benefits and Verification Challenges

MIPI UniPro is a recent addition to mobile chip-to-chip interconnects technology. This article from Synopsys outlines the MIPI UniPro benefits and their verification challenges to meet the requirements of mobile applications by describing the three major differentiating features identified below: Achieving Low power consumption through Power mode changes and hibernation Flexibility in chip-to-chip lane routing [...]

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TVS VIPs accelerate adoption of latest MIPI® standards

TVS, a contributor member of the MIPI Alliance, has developed a diverse portfolio of MIPI Verification IPs (VIPs) which cater to multiple segments of the mobile market. TVS MIPI VIPs are proven in different development environments and are easily customizable for additional customer requirements. TVS has established a track record as a well-known supplier of [...]

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How do you effectively verify LPDDR4?

In the mobile world, fast memory bandwidth is not only defining processing speed, it is also defining screen resolution. LPDDR4 combines high data throughput with power efficient operation for smartphones and tablets. No wonder smartphone makers are racing to adopt LPDDR4. In fact, as per this global Forecast of DRAM market revenue table, 2015 will [...]

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T&VS joins MIPI Alliance, introduces MIPI Verification IP Suite

PRESS RELEASE Bristol, UK, 23 September 2014 –T&VS, a leader in software test and hardware verification solutions, today announced that it has joined the MIPI Alliance, which develops interface specifications for mobile and mobile-influenced industries. The move reflects the demand for T&VS’ Verification IP, especially in the mobile application sector that is moving quickly and [...]

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