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Best Practices for Test Automation on Mobile Testing

Mobile devices are taking over virtually every aspect of daily life. Testing for this hardware will be critical. When it comes to mobile testing, automation can be significantly beneficial, but QA teams should follow best practices to ensure thorough mobile evaluation. This article from Zephyr outlines the best practices for test automation on mobile testing. [...]

2016-04-04T06:57:29+00:004th April, 2016|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Myths About Automated Mobile UI Testing

Automated mobile UI testing offers benefits in terms of quality and time. The automated tools make it easier for testers to assess the app's user interface across a wide range of mobile devices. When the mobile UI testing is automated, it becomes easier for testers to make changes to the app's user interface without affecting [...]

2016-01-29T06:15:10+00:0029th January, 2016|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Continuous Integration for mobile apps

Continuous integration (CI) is a development approach that favors testing and reporting of changes to a given build as they happen, rather than at set artificial intervals, or at the end of a given process.  The goal of Continuous Integration for Mobile Apps is to establish a rapid and consistent feedback system that will allow [...]

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The Foolproof Penetration Testing Checklist

Penetration Testing, or pen testing as it is popularly called, is a critical component of any Threat Management Solution. It is now increasingly accepted as an effective method of detecting vulnerabilities in network, applications and infrastructure. This article from Happiest minds outlines how pen tests are implemented across different areas like- Application security testing, Network [...]

2015-12-04T08:26:28+00:001st December, 2015|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Getting mobile testing right

Issues with mobile apps can be both surprising and damaging in terms of reputation, revenue and business continuity. Sanjay Zalavadia, VP of Client Service for Zephyr, outlines the most annoying issues and why software testing metrics must be utilized to accurately gauge the quality of each software build. Read More

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