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DVClub Monday 14th January – last chance to register!

Only 3 days to go until the first DVClub of 2013. Taking place this Monday 14th January at 11.30am GMT where we’ll be discussing Open Source Verification Tools, with presentations from Wilson Snyder (on Verilator), Dag Arneat Braend (Atmel – Verilator users), Maksim Jenihhin (Tallin University of Technology, Estonia) and Rich Porter (Design & Verification Engineer). You can attend physically in Bristol, Cambridge, Grenoble and Eindhoven or remotely via Webinar. To join in the discussion and for more details, click here.


DVClub September 2010: Using Open Source Verification Tools

The DVClub held on 20th September 2010 in Bristol, Cambridge and Eindhoven, with remote access too, considered “Using Open Source Verification Tools”.

“Verilator; fast, free, but for me?”, Wilson Snyder

“Architecture for Massively Parallel HDL Simulations”, Rich Porter, Art of Silicon

“Free Electronic Lab”, Chitlesh GOORAH

“Processor Verification Using Open Source Tools and the GCC Regression Test Suite: A Case Study”, Jeremy Bennett, CEO Embecosm